Dear Filmmakers,

Osiris Entertainment is a full service distribution company providing content to International and Domestic Theatrical, Broadcast, PPV, Home Video/DVD, Online/Download & Mobile channels.  Osiris is actively seeking completed feature films, documentaries, Television programming and direct to DVD special interest programs for exclusive license. 

To submit your film or other project for acquisition consideration please send one DVD screener (NTSC format) along with your contact information, film or company website (if applicable) and information regarding cast, year of production, and available rights to:

Osiris Entertainment
6201 Hollywood Blvd. Suite 2006
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Attn: Acquisitions Dept

Please allow 30 days for review and response to your submission. We highly recommend that you do not send us any materials that you need returned. No originals or master tapes please as we cannot guarantee the return of any submitted materials.

Important!  Osiris Entertainment does not accept unsolicited scripts, treatments or concept outlines at any time.



Osiris Entertainment
6201 Hollywood Blvd. Ste 2006
Hollywood, CA 90028
Attn: Acquisitions Dept
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