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Pre-Order: 2013-06-12
Street Date: 2013-07-09
Genre Thriller
SRP $12.98
UPC 813153011621
Catalog OSD1162
Format DVD

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In July 2009, Pulitzer Prize winning Journalist Gerard Martinez walked into the Tampa Bay Museum of art and opened fire. He mercilessly killed men, women, and children before turning the gun on himself. The event came to be known as one of the bloodiest crimes in Tampa Bay history.

An investigation in to the life of Martinez uncovered hundreds of videotapes documenting his obsession with proving the existence of Mon Protecteur, a mythical French super hero.

This documentary is culled together from his original footage combined with interviews with his friends, family, colleagues, and historians in an attempt to expose the truth behind Martinez’s obsession, and what ultimately drove him to commit such a heinous crime.

The film features interviews with Ricky Wayne (Chaos Experiment), Emilio Roso (Joshua Tree), Steven Bauer (Scarface), Joseph R. Gannascoli (Sopranos), Gregg Hale (The Blair Witch Project), Lloyd Kaufman (The Toxic Avenger) and Patrick A. McCall (Subprime).

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