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Pre-Order: 2015-07-18
Street Date: 2015-08-18
Genre Thriller
Sub Genre Drama
UPC 813153012109
Catalog OSD1210
Run Time 93
Production Year 2013
Rating Not Rated
Language English
Origin US

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SIREN is a dark love story about an unusual match:  LEIGH (Vinessa Shaw – Side Effects, Puncture, Two Lovers, 3:10 to Yuma, Eyes Wide Shut, Hocus Pocus), a young woman cursed with appearing to all men as the object of their desire, and GUY (Rob Kazinsky – Pacific Rim, True Blood, East Enders), a mysterious traveler, who’s the first one to see Leigh as she truly is.

LEIGH lives alone in an isolated house in the forest, protected from the world by electric gates and surveillance cameras.  She has a unique power:  every man who encounters her sees his ultimate fantasy, and falls uncontrollably in love with her. When the security system short-circuits, Leigh has a series of uninvited guests. KIP, a young boy, who sees Leigh as a lovely young girl his age. Kip’s father, CARL (Ross Partridge – The Off-Hours, Prom Night, The Lost World: Jurassic Park) comes to find the girl that bewitched his son, but instead meets a sexier version of Leigh – and he too falls in love immediately.  Leigh rejects him, and Carl responds violently, but she manages to restrain him to the gate.  Then, along comes GUY, a handsome drifter, and he – surprisingly – doesn’t fall madly in love.  Leigh’s never had this reaction from anyone before – he’s apparently immune to her curse, so this could be her first chance at a real relationship.  So she invites him to stay.

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