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Osiris/Paragon Taps Distribution Vet Kyle Villella For Film & TV Post
By THE DEADLINE TEAM | Monday April 14, 2014 @ 1:25pm PDTTags: Kyle Villella, Osiris Entertainment, Paragon Pictures
EXCLUSIVE: Kyle Villella, most recently VP Theatrical Distribution Operations at LD Entertainment, has been appointed to head the expanding film and TV sales and distribution division at indie Paragon Pictures. It’s the last ramp-up for Paragon, the specialty distribution arm of Osiris Entertainment that kicked off its theatrical business in February with the platform release of the Melissa Leo starrer Bottled Up, a drama about over-the-counter drug abuse that also stars Josh Hamilton. The company formally launched in September with Osiris CEO Evan Crooke at the helm, and its other titles include the thrillers The Kill Hole starring Chadwick Boseman and UK pic Twenty8K. Villella previously worked at Lionsgate, Paramount, The Weinstein Company and most recently LD, where he helped sell the Matthew McConaughey pic Killer Joe, Disconnect and Black Rock.

Executive Moves
Posted: Aug 29, 2012

Osiris Entertainmentis working with Mammoth Distribution's Allyson Hall who will now work with the company as a Sales Consultant.  Allyson specializes in worldwide film distribution and will represent Osiris' international film library.

International News
Posted: Aug 10, 2012

Osiris Secures Deal for Ashes 
Osiris Entertainment licensed the home entertainment rights for horror film Ashes to Peacock Films in Australia. The film centers on Dr. Andrew Stanton, who is working on a cure for AIDS, but is infected with an undiagnosed illness when he is bitten by a dying boy. Dr. Stanton is in a race against time to find a cure before the infection destroys him and everyone he loves.

'Columbine families ready to help Aurora survivors when the time is right'
Posted: Jul 30, 2012

July 27, 2012

Columbine families ready to help Aurora survivors when the time is right

Having dealt with tragedy, victims' families hope to share all they've learned about 'high-profile grieving in a fish bowl'

Anne Marie Hochhalter, 30, attends a prayer vigil to remember victims of the Aurora shooting. Hochhalter was paralyzed victim in the Columbine High School tragedy over 12 years ago. Photograph: Barry Gutierrez/AP

Relatives of the victims of the Columbine school shooting in Colorado are planning to reach out to those who lost loved ones in the Aurora cinema rampage in the hope of supporting them through the dark days ahead.

Several of the families of the 12 school children and one teacher who were killed in the Columbine massacre have been discussing how to help Aurora's bereaved families.

"We absolutely want to do something to support these families," said Coni Sanders, daughter of Dave Sanders, a teacher who was the only adult to die at Columbine. She has been in touch with three other Columbine families by email to discuss what they can do in the wake of the Aurora shooting where 12 people were killed and 58 wounded when a gunman opened fire at a screening of The Dark Knight Rises.

"The consensus is that we will reach out to them, and let them get back to us if they want to. We don't want to be intrusive – it should be their choice to have us join them on their journey."Rick Townsend, who lost his 18-year-old daughter Lauren at Columbine, said that if the Aurora families expressed interest: "I know my wife Sue and I would be there to help out." But he added: "The timing needs to come from them – right now they will be in such pain that they won't be able to think how or when things could ever get better."

The shooting at Columbine high school on 20 April 1999 and the rampage at the Century 16 cinema in Aurora last Friday are separated by 13 years. But for the scores of people left bereaved by the two incidents, there is a potentially powerful connection.

It is not just that Littleton, where Columbine is located, and Aurora are both suburbs of Denver and just 17 miles apart as the crow flies. It is also that the families share a rare and terrible experience: the trauma of losing someone through unthinkable violence, followed by the prolonged agony of having to play out their grief in front of TV cameras.

"People come up to you and say: 'I know how you feel'. But they don't. They really don't understand," Townsend said. "The families of victims in Aurora can look at us and know that we do understand."

'I learned from Oklahoma that it was okay to be weak'

All the families of the victims of Columbine have participated in a new documentary film that they intend – again in the fullness of time – to send to each of their equivalents in Aurora. The film, 13 Families: Life After Columbine, follows them over a four year period from 2006 as they slowly shift their perspective, as Sanders describes it, "from tragedy and sadness to hope and possibility".

Sanders is partly motivated to reach out to Aurora families because she herself found invaluable the advice she received from people who lost loved ones in the Oklahoma bombing of 1995. She is grateful for one insight in particular that they gave her.

"People kept saying to us: 'Be strong, be strong'," she says. "But that was wrong. It made you feel that you couldn't breathe. I learned from Oklahoma that it was okay to be weak."

The hardest part, both Sanders and Townsend agree, beyond the sheer pain of loss, was having their grief paraded across the world's television screens. Sanders calls it "high-profile grieving in a fish bowl".

Such was the blanket coverage of the Columbine shooting that all 13 families were turned into tragedy celebrities – they became famous throughout the region for their sadness. The results were distressing.

"People expected us to be sad, they expected us to cry all the time," Sanders says. "When we were out at a restaurant and maybe laughed, people would give us funny looks. You'd be at a grocery store doing the shopping and people would come up to you and start to cry."

The day after the families gathered for a groundbreaking ceremony for the Columbine memorial in June 2006, Sanders was in the supermarket near the school when a woman came up to her, dropped to her knees and burst into tears. "I am so sorry for your loss; what a beautiful picture," she said.

Sanders hadn't even known that her portrait, taken at the ceremony, was on the front page of that morning's Denver Post. She instantly dropped her grocery bags and drove straight home to avoid further accosting.

For several years, she took to driving long distances so that she could shop where nobody recognised her. She stopped telling people her last name, and that she came from Littleton, to secure a little anonymity.

Townsend says that a lesson he learned from the aftermath of Columbine that he would want to pass on to the Aurora families is that each individual can decide how much he or she wants to participate in the media circus. "They will have to take control, or else the media will take control from them. It's up to them how far into the fish bowl they want to go."

Each of the 12 families of the Aurora dead have been assigned a public information officer by the local police department to act as protective shields. That's an excellent innovation that both Townsend and Sanders wish had been available to them.

It's not just the media that the Aurora families will have to watch out for, judging from the Columbine experience. Sanders was contacted several times by airlines informing her that people had been attempting to blag flight tickets on the spurious grounds that they were close friends of her family and were coming to visit them in Littleton.

More honest, but also difficult to deal with, were the offers of donations that poured in, forcing the family to assign an official banker. "It was very strange," Sanders says. "We went overnight from being a normal family to becoming an emotional business."

'The key is to find something that helps you'

It's a long way off for Aurora, but eventually people can move beyond paralysing grief to more positive thoughts. At that point, Sanders and Townsend agree, it will be important for the families to find a purpose.

To some extent it was easier for those in the Columbine tragedy because they had the school as a bond. "We've got to remember, the people in Aurora were thrown together for no other reason than one of their family members decided to go to a movie one Thursday night," Townsend says.

In their case, they clubbed together and raised about $3m in four months to build a new library on the spot where much of the Columbine blood-letting had taken place. Each of the 13 families also found their own causes to follow: some religious, some political, some campaigning gun control, some purely personal.

Sanders took a degree in forensic psychology and now works with people with criminal histories. "My personal journey is a battle against violence – if I can teach one person to turn away from violence I will have honored my dad."

Townsend spent time customising his car with a design of angel wings around "Lulu" – his nickname for his daughter. With his wife, he also became close to Anne Marie Hochhalter, a survivor who was paralysed in the shooting and who is now virtually a member of their family.

"The key is to find something that helps you, takes your mind off it but in other ways improves you in honor of your loved one," Townsend says.

Above all, Sanders believes, the lesson for the Aurora families is: "Don't let that terrible day define you. It's so important to see yourself as someone who has been through tragedy, not someone who is the tragedy."

She goes on: "To be defined by Aurora, to be defined by Columbine, is to let the killers win. It allows them to define the change that has happened to us negatively. I am changed, yes, but now in positive ways."

Townsend hopes that one day those whose lives have been shattered in Aurora will be strong enough to watch the film 13 Families. He would like them to see through the example of Columbine that life does go on. "At this point they cannot fathom that they will ever feel joy again, but they will. The Columbine families have come to see that you cannot stop evil in the world, but you can smother it with goodness."

13 Families: Life After Columbine, is directed by Nicole Corbin, Mark Katchur and Steve Lukanic. It is being distributed as a DVD by Osiris Entertainment on 7 August.

Raspberry Magic; A Review
Posted: Jul 23, 2012


Cast: Lily Javaherpour, Bella Thorne, Zach Mills, Mira Simhan, James Morrison, Allison Brie, Randall Batinkoff, Maulik Pancholy


Director: Leena Pendharkar


Genre: Comedy/Drama


Year: 2012


Rating: NR

Raspberry Magic is a coming-of-age story about Monica Shah, a deeply intelligent and imaginative 11 year-old girl who takes a school science competition to the next level. Set within the backdrop of a beautiful forest, Monica sets out to prove that human warmth and kindness have the ability to actually make plants grow. So, when a bushel of beautiful raspberries seem to respond to her touch, Monica is convinced by the power of the human heart and its ability to connect with the world around her.

I had a felling this little comedy/drama was going to be entertaining but I didn't expect it to be this good. The story focuses on Monica, a 11 year-old who enters into her school's science competition. Monica's project is to prove that human touch and interaction with a raspberry plant will cause it to grow. Then there's the connection with raspberries and her family, she remembers happy times when the plants were plentiful around her house, when her parents got along and were not fighting as much. Lack of any consistent work for her mother and father plus home repair bills have taken their toll on their marriage and Monica believes if the raspberries begin to grow again her parents will again be happy.

Monica and her raspberry plants might seem like the story here but the real story is about the pain that comes when a family is on the verge of separating and the love that binds. While Monica struggles to prove that human interaction will help a plant flourish her sister and herself struggle as their parents are on their way to splitting up for good. Both young girls are confused and angry and just want to see their parents happy the way they use to be.

Writer/Director, Leena Pendharkar does a terrific job telling this unique little story that not only sends strong messages about family and love but it also shows the importance of our young participating in such things as science which can be both fun and educational. Leena also made sure her got a cast that would make the film work and she couldn't have picked a better group of both young and older actors to play the characters. Monica, is played by the charming Lily Javaherpour (You Don’t Mess with the Zohan) and what a joy she was to watch. But she is not alone, the film also stars Bella Thorne, who stars as CeCe Jones in the hit Disney Channel series, Shake It Up; Zach Mills, (Super 8, Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium), Mira Simhan (TV’s House, Nip/Tuck); James Morrison (TV’s 24, Six Feet Under); Allison Brie (The Five-Year Engagement, TV’s Mad Men); Randall Batinkoff (Kick Ass, X Men: First Class); Maulik Pancholy (TV’s 30 Rock, Weeds). I was really impressed with all the young actors here and it made me feel good that we will be able to see this young talent mature into adult actors for years to come, things are certainly looking up when the future of film when you have this much young talent waiting in the wings to become stars.

"Raspberry Magic" is a story of drenched in family drama and turmoil but it's also at times a funny and joyful film that delivers strong and important messages. A beautiful film that captures the heart and imagination and by the time the credits begin to roll you will be left with a smile on your face that will last for days. You can order the DVD HERE.

Released by Osiris Entertainment

**** Out Of *****

13 Families; A Review
Posted: Jul 13, 2012

13 Families


Genre: Documentary

Year: 2012

Rating: NR

The shootings at Columbine High School on April 20th 1999 ended thirteen lives and shattered countless others. But while the tragic events of that day were well documented, the stories of the families who lost loved ones and struggled to build new lives have yet to be told.

Bound forever by unimaginable circumstances, these thirteen families lived through the same tragedy, yet each has dealt with the aftermath in their own way…and each has a different story of how their lives have changed.

13 Families weaves an intimate tapestry of hope, providing the families a forum to tell their personal stories…stories that are not tainted by any media angle but rather seek to tell the unvarnished truth of their experience. The families provided the filmmakers exclusive and unprecedented access, sharing insightful and intimate details of their lives.

What happened to the Columbine families could happen to anyone, and perhaps that’s why the event had such an impact on the nation and the world. What the film demonstrates is how ordinary individuals can be confronted with a sudden and devastating loss yet find the strength to move forward.

In addition, the film touches on the issues of gun control, school violence, and the painful reality that tragedies like Columbine and Virginia Tech continue to plague our nation.

"13 Families: Life After Columbine" not only looks back at that tragic day that changed the lives of so many people but it also takes us into the lives of the 13 families who will forever be connected and how each has been able to cope since then. It's a day no one will ever forget but it's hard for anyone to ever imagine losing a child to such a violent act. It makes you question many things including your faith, how can something like this happen to me?

Sadly violence in schools has been going on before and after that tragic day in 1999 and it leaves many questions unanswered. This film introduces us to all 13 families, it takes us inside their homes, their hearts and their minds. Everyone effected has grieved in different ways, some just went into a shell, other still cannot except the fact that their child is gone and others became motivated by what happened and went to to help in fighting gun control laws and doing speeches in schools about treating others the way you would want to be treated. We all know what it's like to be in a school full of 1000's of students, everyone is different and there's groups that form and everyone is looked at and treated differently. It's just human nature but what happened on 4/20/1999 was something no one could of seen coming.

This is truly a heart wrenching film, you really feel for each and every family as they attempt to just keep living all these years after. There are some inspirational moments in the film as well but mostly it's a look back at an event so brutal that it changed the lives of so many forever. The film not shows the families as they open up about what their lives have been like since but it also shows us the media circus that went on as well in a time when these people needed to be consoled not looked at.

The film also takes a look at the Virginia Tech shootings in 2007 and how it opened old wounds. There's so many questions that there seems to be no answers for, like how can a child or anyone for that matter commit such a crime against humanity? Does such behavior start at home? Could it have been prevented if the parents spent more time with their children instead of being so consumed with their own lives outside the home? They're questions we may never get any answers for but I believe it is a valid one and I believe parents need to leave their outside world where it's at and spend more time with their children, talking to them and asking how their doing and how they cope with the pressures that come with being a child.

What happened at Columbine High School was a sad, tragic and senseless act that left many lives shattered in it's wake, I hope this film open people's eyes to the problems children face, the peer pressure, the bullying and the lack of a loving home all of which could contribute to such a hideous act.

The film focuses and asks a lot of questions but it also shows us the parents and siblings of each and every child lost that day and what their lives are like now, it's a sad but hopeful look but an important and honorable one. Let's not forget to thank the filmmakers here for not only creating the best look at the aftermath but for creating a forum for the families so they could tell their stories. I hope the film allowed them in some way to heal a little more. My prayers are with them all and I wish them all the best.

"13 Families: Life After Columbine" is not an easy film to watch but it's an important one and it's a film I highly recommend to everyone. I would like to think that maybe lives could be saved in the future if parents along with their children watch this film together and talk about it after. After-all hope is a big part of what the film is all about. I would like to thank everyone involved in the making of this film, it's an important film that I hope opens many eyes.

The DVD will be available on August 7th so please remember the date and be sure to pick it up. You can pre-order the DVD HERE.

I would also suggest you visit the film's Official site HERE. and be be to visit the In Memory page as well.

Released by Osiris Entertainment

***** Out Of *****

Bella Thorne Co-Stars In Indie Flick “Raspberry Magic” – Review
Posted: Jul 11, 2012

I recently got the chance to review the award winning indie film, Raspberry Magic. The film sports an all star cast including “Shake It Up” star Bella Thorne. 

Other cast members include Meera Simhan (Iron Man), Ravi Kapoor (24, Crossing Jordan), Lily Javaherpour (You Don’t Mess With The Zohan), Zach Mills (Super 8) and Alison Brie (Community, The Five Year Engagement).

I was insterested in this film for several reasons but the casting was a big plus for me. I absolutely love Alison Brie as well as Zach Mills. However, I also wanted to see what Bella Thorne could do. I’ve only ever seen her on Disney series and wanted to see what kind of acting chops she had outside of “Shake It Up.”

The plot is a definite coming of age story about a young girl who is incredibly intelligent and imaginative. The girl sets out to prove that human warmth and kindness have the ability to make plants grow. The results of which she sees via a “magical” raspberry bushel that seems to respond to her touch.

This movie is definitely a great film for families to watch together. It encompasses so many emotions and situations that young teens go through growing up that the characters are easily relatable. Whether it is the young girl trying her hardest to prove something, or being someone who is bullied by another kid, or someone with a difficult home life, everyone can find something to relate to within these characters.

 We all know that life is never easy and often times curve-balls are thrown in your face making things even harder. Raspberry Magic focuses on that fact that people can make it through the hard times both on your own and with the help of friends or family.

The main character, Monica, played by Lily Javaherpour, goes through one of the toughest times a young adolescent can, a family falling apart. However, she preservers to pursue her dreams and help take care of her family at the same time. When her father leaves and her mother becomes depressed, she doesn’t merely give up and resign to the hardships, she presses back even more to make her experiment work and take care of those around her who have given up.

Bella Thorne plays Monica’s best friend and does a fantastic job playing the role of a best friend. She supports Monica and even defends her to the other science winner. Even though her home life involves an absentee mother and is often left to her own devices, she doesn’t let it bring her down and instead helps her friend through her difficult time. Thorne plays the role with gusto, not being afraid to express through her voice and her face. She make an effort to play the character exactly how it should be played without stepping on the heels of the main character.

I think families should watch this film together. It’s heartwarming as well as honest. It shows a family at it’s best and it’s worst all while banding together in the end. (Sarah Sommer)

Virgin Alexander Review
Posted: Jul 3, 2012

Virgin Alexander

Cast: RICK FAUGNO "Jersey Boys", PAIGE HOWARD (Adventureland), MIKA BOOREM (Blue Crush), PATRICK ZELLER (No Reservations), ELIZABETH MASUCCI (Shame), DAVID DASTMALCHLAN (The Dark Knight) with BRONSON PINCHOT "Perferct Strangers"

Director: Charlotte Barrett, Sean Fallon

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2012

Rating: NR

 Alexander is a 26-year-old aimless scrap hauler who has just been given a house by his grandfather. Alexander quickly learns the home is facing foreclosure and he has ten days to come up with $125,000. Alexander and his coworker Cliff ponder several business enterprises in order to pay the bank in time and avoid losing the house. The two finally decide to open a brothel. Alexander struggles with the guilt that a brothel is operating out of his home, but even more bizarre is the paradox that Alexander is still a virgin!


The film's title says it all. This film is a comedy which focuses on Alexander, a scrap hauler who lives with his grandfather. One day the grandfather tells Alex that he is giving him his home but what Alex doesn't know is that the home is facing foreclosure unless he can come up with 125,000 in ten days. Enter Alex's buddy Cliff who has always been a bad influence on Alex. Cliff comes up with some wild ideas to earn the money which includes renting the house out to underage kids to party in. After coming up with every ridiculous scenario he can think of Cliff finally comes up with one that just might work, open a brothel. You can only imagine the problems this all creates.

"Virgin Alexander" is a hilarious coming of age comedy that will have you laughing out loud all the way to the end. The film not only contains funny dialogue but it also has loads of situation comedy as well. This is one of the comedies that has to be seen to really enjoy it since talking about what happens would only ruin the film for those waiting to see it.

Writers/Directors, Charlotte Barrett and Sean Fallon have not only created a witty and intelligent film but give them credit for their terrific casting choices as well. Rick Faugno makes for the perfect Alexander and Ron Howard's daughter, Paige Howard is wonderful as the beautiful leader of the young and sexy ladies. The entire supporting cast did a great but one of the stand-outs has to be Bronson Pinchot who plays the owner of a local bar who becomes a local pimp to try to save his business as well as his sponsored little league team.

What makes this film stand-out among all the other comedies like it besides it's cast is the writing. Sure it could of very easily used every sex joke and prop in the book to create it's laughs but instead the center of it all is on Alexander and the situation he puts himself in, considering he is still a virgin. Now don't get me wrong the film is not without it's raunchy moments and it does contain a little nudity towards the end but that's to be expected from a comedy such as this.


"Virgin Alexander" is one of the better adult comedies I have seen in some time, it's playful but never offensive, it's at times raunchy but it also at times has a sweet and innocent feel to it as well. A clever, hilarious and extremely well-acted film that is sure to have you laughing all the way to the end and it will leave you with a smile on your face long after it's over. This is a rare Indie gem that doesn't come around too often so if your a fan of comedy you owe it to yourself to check it out. Available on DVD July 17th with Special Features that include:

Commentary w/ Directors Charlotte Barret, Sean Fallon & actor Rick Faugno

Making of Featurette

Photo Gallery

You can order the DVD HERE.

A fresh and original comedy from two terrific young filmmakers, I cannot wait to see what they come up with next.

Released by Osiris Entertainment

**** Out Of *****


Falling Overnight Review
Posted: Jun 26, 2012

Falling Overnight

 Cast: Parker Croft, Emilia Zoryan

Director: Conrad Jackson

Genre: Drama/Romance

Year: 2012

Rating: NR

 Falling Overnight tells the story of twenty-two year old Elliot Carson (Parker Croft) on the day before he has surgery to remove a brain tumor. Facing what could be his last night, Elliot's path intersects with Chloe Webb (Emila Zoryan), a young photographer who invites him to her art show. Elliot welcomes the distraction and as the night descends, Chloe takes him on an intimate and exhilarating journey through the city. But as morning approaches, and Chloe learns of Elliot's condition, the magic of the evening unravels, and they must together face the uncertainty of Elliot's future.

The basic premise of "Falling Overnight" might make some think that the film is a real downer but it's really not, sure the general plot seems bleak but there's more to the film once it gets going.

The film is about Elliot, a 22 year-old who has been diagnosed with brain tumor. Between the headaches, nausea, sensitivity to light and not sleeping Elliot is certainly not in a very good frame of mind and the uncertainly of his future makes it that much more difficult. That is until he meets the beautiful Chloe at her day job when he stops in to buy a drink. He notices an ad for an art show, Chloe's art show and after they chat a bit she invites him to come. With his surgery due the next day Elliot decides to go since it will help get his mind off things, once there the two begin talking a bit more and seem to hit it off. The evening is full as they go bike riding and attend a few parties with friends of Chloe. What starts off as a growing friendship soon begins to develop into love between the two. As morning draws closer Elliot decides to tell Chloe about his surgery which she doesn't take very well at first but soon she becomes supportive and the two spend some very meaningful and loving time together.

What I really liked about the film was that it kept a positive attitude even tough no one is sure of Elliot's future. The film deals more with the time the two young lovers spend together, even though it's a very short time it's time well spent. I also loved the cinematography and they way it placed me right there in the moment.

Another reason I loved the film so much was it's cast, Parker Croft is simply amazing as Elliot, his performance makes you fell each and every emotion and it allows you to create a bond with him. Emilia Zoryan is also terrific as Chloe, this was her acting debut but you would never know it by watching her performance. Emilia is a very beautiful and talented young actress and I hope to see a lot more of her in the future. The rest of the cast also did a great job playing their roles as well.

"Falling Overnight" is a thoughtful love story told in a sensitive way. It hndles the subject in a classy and loving way and it tells us that life is beautiful so live each day as if it's your last. A heart-felt film about finding love when you least expect it. An award winning film and for good reason, Director, Conrad Jackson shows great ability in telling a warm and realistic tale, this is a very impressive debut and I look forward to seeing what he and the amazing cast of actors all have coming next. The DVD will be available on July 31st so be sure to pick it up. For more information on ordering the film visit Osiris Entertainment's web site HERE.

Released by Osiris Entertainment

**** Out Of *****

Second-Story Man: A review
Posted: Jun 18, 2012

Second-Story Man

Cast: Christopher J. Domig, Lindsay Goranson, Danny Hoskins, Valerie Monique Evering, Zaira Crystal

Director: Neal Dhand

Year: 2012

Rating: NR

 “Second-Story Man" profiles Arthur, who is trying to balance being a good father and trying to get revenge on the person who killed his wife. The story finds Arthur and Monique two small-time, small-town stickup artists(played by Christopher J. Domig and Valerie Monique Evering) setting their sights on a bank. When Max (Danny Hoskins), a security guard kills Monique, Arthur is left in sole custody of her 7-year-old daughter. Seeking revenge, Arthur moves them into a vacant flat above the one Max shares with his unhappy wife (Lindsay Goranson) and their own small daughter.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic



The cinematography is amazing and the scenery is not only beautiful but it's the perfect setting for the story combined with a haunting score this is a well made Indie that looks much bigger than it's budget might suggest. As far as the acting goes there's not one weak link in the film, Christopher J. Domig and Valerie Monique Evering are terrific as Arthur and Monique and Zaira Crystal is an amazing young actress and she does a great job playing the daughter. Danny Hoskins and Lindsay Goranson are also very good as Max and his unhappy wife. In a film such as this the cast is very important and no one disappoints.

In the end I felt the film could of used a little trim job as far as run time goes because it does drag in a few places but over-all this is a terrific feature film debut for Director, Neal Dhand who up till now has only directed short films. "Second-Story Man" is the kind of film that represents the best in Independent cinema, with it's amazing cast and direction the film draws you in, this is a thought-provoking drama that leaves you thinking about it long after it's over.

Available on DVD June 26, you can order the DVD Here.

The DVD comes with Special Features that include:

”A Conversation with the Director” featurette

“Behind the Scenes” featurette


The film was an official selection at numerous film festivals and for good reason. This is a film that lovers of cinema are sure to enjoy.

Released by Osiris Entertainment

*** 1/2 Out Of *****

All Alone Review
Posted: May 29, 2012


All Alone

Cast: Mandy Levin, Suzy Cote, Brice Williams, David Haydn-Jones, Beth Navarro 

Director: Jon Cellini

Genre: Thriller

Year: 2012

Rating: NR

An over-populated, concrete-filled Los Angeles drives Maggie into fear and isolation. On the edge, her cries for change are neglected by her husband Ben. When she turns to her dysfunctional but affluent friends, Alex and Kyle, they propose an overnight camping trip to get away from the confines of the city and escape to the solitude of the mountains.

Deep in the mountains, they encounter a self-proclaimed radical environmentalist, Birch. Although worlds apart, she and Maggie have an undeniable chemistry, encouraging Maggie to find her inner strength.

New information sends the foursome on a journey where masks are ripped away and secrets are revealed. Accusations lead to violence, and desperation fuels an irreversible chain of events.

Survival is uncertain…


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"All Alone" is a busy little thriller. You can tell right from the start that there's tension between the two men but it isn't until they make it into the woods that secrets are revealed. I don't want to dive into what happens in the film here because this is one of those movies that the less you know about the story the better and the synopsis above offers plenty to go by before seeing it because on the surface the story is pretty simple. I can tell you that there's always something happening once things get going. There are plenty of lies, deceit and twists and turns in the story to keep you engaged and at the edge of your seat the entire time. Just when it looks like the story has peaked another wrinkle is added to keep things interesting.

The cast's five main leads which includes, Mandy Levin, Suzy Cote, Brice Williams, David Haydn-Jones and Beth Navarro all give great performances and each character has their own background so it's very easy to have feelings towards them one way or the other. To call this thriller tense is an understatement, the tension is so thick you would need a knife to cut through it. Also to go along with the tension there is also a good amount of mystery, suspense and a nice bit of action as well to keep the film entertaining all the way to it''s satisfying and realistic ending.


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I can go into deep details about the story here but like I said before that would only ruin the film so I am going to keep this review short and just say that "All Alone" is a temperature raising thriller filled with more twists than 10 Hollywood thrillers, plus it's location is perfect for just the right sense of isolation. If you like a good thriller then I highly recommend checking this one out when it comes to DVD on June 12th. Writer/Director, Jon Cellini has created a thriller that delivers. A very impressive debut for him, he really has an eye for the genre and I cannot wait to see what he comes up with next.

You can visit Osiris Entertainment's web site HERE to order the DVD.

Released by Osiris Entertainment

**** Out Of *****

All God's Creatures
Posted: May 17, 2012

All God's Creatures

Cast: Josh Folan, Jessica Kaye, Tiffany Lee, Adam Barnett 

Director: Ryan Cummings

Genre: Thriller

Year: 2011

        Rating: NR        

Creature of habit, Jon Smith (Josh Folan - “All My Children”, Ay Lav Yu, The Graduates) spends his days mindlessly working as a barista in New York City. When night falls, this seeming everyman savagely kills “filthy women” as his social outlet. A chance encounter with Delia (Jessica Kaye - “One Life to Live”, Veronika Decides to Die) a young prostitute searching for an escape from her troubled past, forces Jon to confront the most terrifying thing he has ever faced in all his dark affairs - himself. All God’s Creatures examines the true nature of what it means to be a monster and reveals that love is not only for a chosen few, but for all God's creatures.


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The above synopsis pretty much covers the story but there's a few things I can add without ruining the entire film for those waiting to see it. The story at least at first focuses on Jon, a handsome man that most likely would have no problem with the ladies but Jon has other interests. After work he likes to go out and pick up prostitutes and take them back to his apartment and kill them. Yes, Jon is a serial killer, one day a woman walks into his work for a coffee, Delia is running from her past, a past that involves her abusive stepfather. She also is a prostitute, a choice she made to pay the rent and raise some money to get her younger sister away from the monster at home as well.

There's really no liking Jon, I mean the guy's hero is Bundy but you can sympathize with Delia and her problems. When they meet Jon's first thought and vision is strangling Delia to death but after he gets to know her a bit more he begins to have feelings for her and this is something he has never felt before. "All God's Creatures" is a drama/thriller about two very flawed people who meet and then try and hide who they really are from each other while all along fighting their inner demons.

Directors, Ryan Charles and Frank Licata do a great job at putting the audience in the head of their two main characters also thanks in large part to the writing by Josh Folan they are able to some how humanize Jon which is a very big accomplishment considering the monster he really is. Basically the film is a thriller with a love story attached, it's a clever and original take on the genre and one that keeps you watching and waiting to see how it all turns out.

The acting is another reason to see the film, Writer, Josh Folan stars as Jon and he does a terrific job bringing the character's cold and calculated self to life. Jessica Kaye is also incredible as Delia, both actors are extremely talented and have great chemistry together here, they make their characters real and very believable.


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To talk about details more would only ruin what is an amazing ending to an already engaging and captivating film. This was certainly different than I expected going into it and it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. "All God's Creatures" is a film Hollywood can only dream about making, one that has an amazing story, interesting and complex characters and a original idea that succeeds on every level.

The film deserves a wide audience and I think it will find it now that it is out on DVD. You can order the DVD HERE.

"All God's Creatures" is a great example of why Independent cinema is where it's at when it comes to great story-telling. I cannot recommend checking this film out enough.

Released by Osiris Entertainment

**** Out Of *****



Wages of Sin
Posted: May 15, 2012


Wages of Sin

 Cast: Katharine Everett, Lauren Martin, Travis Quentin Young

Director: Doug Burch

Genre: Thriller

Year: 2012

Rating: NR

A small town in 1964. A time before cell phones, computers and twenty-four hour news channels. Buddy, a handsome, charismatic drifter, convinces Celee, a lonely young woman, to kidnap the richest girl in town. The ransom money will be their ticket to a new life and he promises her that, “Nobody will get hurt.” As three desperate lives collide, in this dark, edgy Thriller, they all come to learn…. Somebody always gets hurt.


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"Wages of Sin" is an Indie thriller set basically in one location. It's important in a film such as this to have a good story and interesting characters and this film has both. The basic story involves Buddy and his not so bright, very fragile girlfriend Celee. Buddy decides to kidnap Kathrine an hold her for ransom but sometimes things are not as they seem and he soon finds out that there are other complications and may get in the way of him receiving the money.

From the outside it looks very simple but once inside it couldn't be anymore different. This is a very effective thriller that builds on tension and suspense as the story moves a long. I was immediately taken in by the story and it's characters from the start and was drawn into into their world as the film moved along and secrets and motives were revealed. Talking about the plot for this film is not easy without giving too much away but I can tell you the film has many twists along the way and a finish you will never see coming.

Production wise the film is simple but the gloomy location and lighting used both help create the perfect atmosphere and mood needed. Director, Doug Burch does a terrific job at keeping things interesting and moving at a nice pace and and what is more impressive is this is Doug's first time directing a feature film. Also the writing of Sam Ingraffia is intelligent and clever. Katharine Everett, Lauren Martin and Travis Quentin Young are are terrific in the film, they play off each other perfectly and give realistic and effective performances.

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"Wages of Sin" is the type of thriller that many have attempted before but have failed but not this time. This is a edge of your seat thriller and has you wanting to know more all the way till it's shocking ending. A lesson in how to make a great film on a limited budget, great story, masterful direction and a great cast make this an Independent gem that is not to be missed.

You can order the DVD HERE.

Released by Osiris Entertainment

**** Out of *****


10 Star Review of Wages of Sin on
Posted: May 14, 2012

 Wages of Sin

by Katherine Bennett -

Wages of Sin

1964. A small town. A kidnapping. A simple plan... just like in the movies. But real life isn’t simple. Somebody always gets hurt.

WAGES OF SIN is a smart film that unveils the fatal plight of damaged psyches pushed to the brink. Set in a 1964 small town, a pair of misfit wannabes – Buddy, the wannabe tough guy, and Celee, the wannabe picket-fence homemaker, seize the opportunity of his Aunt’s country home being vacant for a few days to kidnap a well-to-do coed.

The film’s plot is straight-forward at first glance. Two kidnappers: one twisted and predictably narcissistic – Buddy; the other, an idyllic girl – Celee, who thinks that kidnapping for ransom to buy a Hoover vacuum is just smart planning. The plot begins with a call to Kathrine the kidnap victim’s Father – to pitch the ransom. The story floats by the victim trying to find a way to get one of them to untie her hands. The story’s current also lulls enough to give us a glimpse into Kathrine the victim. For much of the film, she seems grounded in her predicament. She attempts various methods of bonding with Celee as a way to gain an advantage. But, like a Quark in an open field, Celee will not be pinned down to a reason to let Kathrine go; her commitment to Buddy is just too great. Kathrine also tries to disarm Buddy through sexual means, but he’s not able to physically respond and emotionally waxes to violence. In Celee’s inability to come around to the clear notion that she should let Kathrine go, we see her emotional cottage of finely stacked twigs – the hinges of which are clearly the promise of Buddy’s love and future marriage. We also see Buddy’s Self viced between the walls of his determination to get the money and his own emotional wounds and basic longings. It seems clear that the constructs of Celee’s and Buddy’s precarious dwellings will not weather the storm that is coming.

The true current of the plot ebbs and flows around the swirled nexus of Buddy and Celee. We see Celee retreat to her fantasy of Buddy as Protector/Lover/Father, by her calling him “Daddy” and sitting on his lap, arms around his neck, head on his shoulder. We see Buddy placate her to continue his plan – giving her most of what she wants most of the time. Creating an unmistakable gut-punching foreboding, we see his dark and tortured demeanor, (made easier by his resemblance to Howdy Doody and ‘Dexter’ the Serial Killer’s love child) surface in ways that promise an outright vortex of trouble.

The film flows with the bend of the plot in unexpected ways in the latter part of the movie. After Buddy has had a violent and sexual encounter with the kidnap victim, Kathrine, we see him in the bathroom on the toilet. We think we’re going to witness something expected here. But, what we see is Buddy taking out a small picture of two soldiers and props it up on the toilet paper roll. He begins to masturbate. Then, with a view of his back, we see his crossed arms yield fingertips to each arm, in a poor substitution for a hug. We see him cry. Clearly, Buddy can love. A reference a little later in the film yields a reference to his time in the Military – perhaps, he loves a fellow soldier. It becomes clear he does not love Celee and is not sexually connected to women. This makes sense of his reminder to Celee a little later that they should wait to make love until their wedding night. We see the unmistakable writing on the wall. Buddy does not love her. She’s in the kidnapping, which rubs against her moral fiber, because she thinks he loves her. We don’t know how it’s going to end, but we know it won’t end well.

Throughout, the film yields a fresh pressed look. The cinematography evokes mood and frame of time and place and does not disappoint this viewer. The acting brings what I ordered to the table – well-cooked, solid performances. What the filmmakers do with the film is elevate it beyond the typical by leading us to the film’s bloody end in an unexpected way. For, it becomes clear that Buddy and Celee are not the only psychologically fractured people in the old farmhouse. After a dream that illustrates Kathrine’s desperate psyche, Kathrine admits to Celee that she’s pregnant, and confesses that her father is a child molester. She begs Celee to help her protect the baby from that life by helping Kathrine get rid of it. When Kathrine could perhaps talk her into letting Kathrine go so that she can get to a safe place away from Kathrine’s father, she instead asks Celee to perform an abortion. We are then witness to Celee’s retreat to some place in her psyche where she can do anything. And, with the help of some recited Christian prayers and a hand tool that resembles a skinning knife, she succeeds in aborting the fetus, and ending Kathrine’s life through hemorrhage.

Enter Buddy, who’s just returned with the ransom money to a melee of blood and mental whirly-gig. When he insists that they leave the body, Celee argues. He offhandedly admits that he never intended on spending his life with her. And, she replies by stabbing him repeatedly. As he dies, she turns her attention to the fetus in the bucket, telling it everything is going to be alright, as we believe she’s on her way outside to bury it.

We are left to wonder what will become of Celee when she realizes she’s covered with blood and there are two bodies in Buddy’s Aunt’s basement. But, then we can’t shake the feeling that for how this kidnapping started, it ended unexpectedly. And, the title wrangles us into a dark basement chair and ties our hands to the reality that we cannot, like the characters, always break free from the wages of sin.

One Kine Day
Posted: Apr 24, 2012


One Kine Day

Cast: Ryan Greer, Christa B. Allen, Janel Parrish, Jolene Blalock, Julia Nickson-Soul, Keram Malicki-Sånchez

Director: Chuck Mitsui

Year: 2011

Over the mountains of Oahu and hidden from the beaches of Waikiki, a local skater named Ralsto discovers that his 15 year old girlfriend Alea is pregnant. Scared of ending up like their parents, the young couple agrees “getting da kine” is the best plan. As Alea leaves for school, Ralsto embarks on his journey to raise the funds for “da kine.” Ralsto’s day goes from bad to worse when he is fired from his job at a skate shop. Comforted by her best friend Leilani, a manipulative teenage mom, Alea tells Ralsto that it must be a sign to keep the baby. Scared of becoming a father, Ralsto pleads for one more chance to raise the funds. Desperate for money, Ralsto’s last chance lies in his best friend Nalu who takes him on a journey into the dark world of cockfights and drug deals that ultimately leave him penniless. With no job and no money, Ralsto now must face Alea in this harrowing journey to a side of paradise you’ve never seen.


It's really hard to talk about the film any further without giving away spoilers, but I can tell you that by the time the film ends there will be some growing up taken place and it leaves you with a sense of hope. The music and cinematography play an important role in the story and are almost characters themselves. As far as the acting goes first time actor Ryan Greer did a terrific job as Ralsto and Christa B. Allen who has more experience in front of the camera is amazing as well, both a great together and apart in the film. The supporting cast plays an important role in the film and everyone did a great job playing their characters.



The story and it's characters are both realistic and engaging, you are drawn into the young couples world almost immediately and you stay focused on the story till the very end, wishing the best for for them. First time Director, Chuck Mitsui does a terrific job telling the story while keeping the film moving at a good pace, there's plenty of drama but the story is never boring.

"One Kine Day" is a solid debut for both it's director and lead actor and the story is one that grabs your attention right from the start and it also leaves you thinking about it long after it is over as well.  I see I bright future for both Chuck Mitsui and Ryan Greer. If you like a good drama then I highly recommend picking this one up.

Behind Your Eyes Review
Posted: Mar 19, 2012

Young, hopeful couple Erika (Frida Farrell) and Steve (Tom Sandoval) embark on a weekend retreat to meet Steven's parents. Now, it's a fight for their lives against their mysterious abductor (Daniel Fanaberia) and the secrets he possesses. As he tortures and teases them, secrets from the past emerge and change everything. When Erika escapes, things only get worse, and the twists and turns take the viewer into unchartered territory and unyielding mayhem.

There are some movies that need to be seen rather than told about and "Behind Your Eyes" is one of those films. The film is about Erika and Steve who are about to go on a road trip to meet Steve's parents. When they make a needed stop they are kidnapped by a stranger and taken to a empty cabin where they are beaten and tied up. This stranger seems to know things about them that no one could know, after he has his way and say with them he decides to let them go. Erika runs to the nearest cabin for help, there she meets an older couple who seem more than willing to help but they too are not who they seem to be.

"Behind Your Eyes" is a thriller that has enough twists and turns in it to fill up a half dozen Hollywood thrillers and that is what makes it so hard to talk about. The more I say here about the plot the greater the chances of me ruining the film for those wanting to see it and I certainly don't want to do that. I can tell you this is one of those rare films that has you clinging to the edge of your seat the entire time waiting and wondering what is going to happen next.

Director, Clint Lien and Writer, Daniel Fanaberia have combined to create one very impressive thriller that will you guessing all the way to the end. What's more impressive is this is a first for both men, each has worked before in movies but this is a first time for each as writer and director and I was very impressed to say the least. Not only is the story and direction flawless but the cast is just as amazing, the main two leads, Frida Farrell and Tom Sandoval are incredible and Writer, Daniel Fanaberia also gives a fantastic performance in the film as does the rest of the supporting cast.

I can talk about the plot more but this gem needs to be seen to be appreciated, I haven't been glued to the screen watching a movie like this in a long time. If you're a fan of thrillers then you owe it to yourself to pick this up. I expect this to do very well on DVD with strong word of mouth. "Behind Your Eyes" is an award winning film that takes the term, "edge of your seat" to another level. Independent cinema is where it's at right now thanks to films like this one. I look forward to seeing what everyone involved has coming out next but in the meantime be sure to check this out

Behind Your Eyes featured on Dread Central
Posted: Feb 23, 2012

Vesuvio Entertainment has finalized a U.S. distribution deal with film and DVD distributor Osiris Entertainment for director Clint Lien’s horror thriller Behind Your Eyes. The announcement was made by Greg H. Sims, CEO of Vesuvio.

Beginning March 20, 2012, Behind Your Eyes (we visited the set of the film on location in Lake Arrowhead back in early 2010; see our report here) will be available at Redbox kiosks located in nearly 35,000 supermarkets and retail stores nationwide. Produced by Sims, here's the official synopsis:

Young, hopeful couple Erika and Steve embark on a weekend retreat to meet Steven's parents. Things take a turn for the worst when they are unexpectedly kidnapped and held hostage. Now it's a fight for their lives against their mysterious abductor and the secrets he possesses. As he tortures and teases them, secrets from the past emerge and change everything. When Erika escapes, things only get worse, and the twists and turns take the viewer into unchartered territory and unyielding mayhem.

"I am thrilled to be in business with Osiris and its CEO Evan Crooke," said Vesuvio's Sims. "Evan's roots are as a filmmaker himself so he creates a very hospitable environment for producers in taking films to the marketplace."

Behind Your Eyes stars Frida Farrell (Contract Killers) and Tom Sandoval (Puppet Master: Axis of Evil) as the desperate couple. They are joined by Daniel Fanaberia (Mommy’s House) and Arthur Roberts ("General Hospital"). On the festival circuit Behind Your Eyes received the ‘Award of Excellence’ from the Canada International Film Festival and secured the ‘Grand Jury Prize’ from the Las Vegas International Film Festival.

Vesuvio’s CEO Sims has a history of producing successful indie horror films and thrillers, includingThe Fear and Fear 2 franchise, which at the time was the best renting title in the US. Other films from Sims include To Die For and its sequel Son of Darkness: To Die For 2 and the cult flicksReturn to Horror High and Red Surf, both with George Clooney.

Said Sims, "I am thrilled that Redbox has put us in such good company with its acquisition of Behind Your Eyes for all of its 30,000 plus locations in the US - there are only a handful of truly indie films that make that cut every months, and I’m grateful to Redbox for putting its substantial support behind our film. I know this is just the start of exciting things to come from Vesuvio as an important new supplier of quality genre films and in line with our new slogan, ‘Always Indie.’"

The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom
Posted: Jan 23, 2012


The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom

Cast: Julia Sarah Stone, Gil Bellows, Macha Grenon, Dolly Parton (voice)

Director: Tara John

Year: 2011

It’s 1976 and Elizabeth is just your average suburban 11-year-old praying for adolescence to arrive when she discovers her whole life has been a lie. With only her imagination to guide her, Elizabeth runs away in search of her true identity. Her adoptive mother Marion is then forced to break out of the carefully constructed “truth” she’s been clinging to and go after her daughter. This leads to a cathartic cross-country trek by a mother searching for a daughter who’s searching for a mother – both of them really searching for themselves.

Growing up can be confusing and hard at times, Elizabeth is having a hard enough time waiting for adolescence to kick but she she finds out on her own she was adopted her world turns upside down. One day while watching television she sees Dolly performing "I Will Always Love You" on her then syndicated television show called "Dolly" and imagines Dolly is her birth mother. She then is determined to cross the border to the U.S. where Dolly is having a concert to confront her.

 Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"The Year Dolly Parton was My Mom" has a lot going for it, for starters it has a terrific cast. Gil Bellows and Macha Grenon are both terrific as the adopted parents but for me the film belongs to Julia Stone who gives an outstanding performance as Elizabeth. I see a very bright future ahead for this talented young actress. Also you can't have a film with a name like this without mentioning Dolly herself. Everyone loves Dolly and even though her screen time is limited her music is a vocal point all the way till the end credits. Writer/Director, Tara Johns does a terrific job at keeping the film moving at a good pace and she really knows how to tell a story that is at times funny, heart-felt and full of every human emotion you can imagine. This is the kind of film that made me fall in love with cinema in the first place.

As far as the story goes I think I've already told you too much, to truly appreciate the film you have to see it for yourself and you can on 1/24/12. "The Year Dolly Parton was My Mom" is targeted at a female audience but anyone with a heartbeat is going to find this to be a touching coming of age film about a mother searching for her daughter and a young girl searching for the truth, but what they don't know is their both really searching for themselves and each other. The film also tackles the whole adoption issue as well and raises a few important questions like how young should a child be before he or she is told the truth. I loved every second of this film and I fell in love with it's story and characters plus I had a great time listening to all those great Dolly songs all over again. I highly recommend this film to everyone, it's one of those gems that touches the heart and stays with you long after it's over.

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Monsters in the Woods
Posted: Jan 16, 2012

Osiris Entertainment has acquired international broadcast rights for “Monsters in the Woods,” a shock-horror film that parodies the pitfalls facing filmmakers trying to make it in Hollywood. Film tells the story of low budget filmmaker, Jayson, who has made the movie of his dreams. But to his dismay, it can’t sell in Hollywood. In order to salvage the film Jayson is told to add sex scenes and more violence. Out of money and clinging to his last chance to get the movie sold, Jayson approaches his psychotic producer Bravo and orders him to assemble a cast and crew and immediately begin a re-shoot of the film (84’).

-The Telco Report

Osiris Entertainment Acquires The Eves
Posted: Jan 5, 2012

Chatsworth, California-based independent film and DVD distributor Osiris Entertainment picked up the international broadcast rights to cult horror film The Eves. The film is produced by CoNation Film Productions. It centers on a group of students who travel to the beach for spring break, but are stranded at a secluded hunting lodge. When some of the students disappear, the others are on the run from a shadowy figure.

Monsters In The Woods Review
Posted: Jan 3, 2012

Director Jason Harrisford's career certainly isn't going the way he wants it to. He's got a few films under his belt, but he just can't get his latest film to sell. It seems the problem is that the original cut doesn't have enough sex and violence, so his producer, Bravo, drags him out into the wilderness to film a few shots of bimbos getting fucked in a tent and torn apart by the horrible half-man/half-turkey killer with the most inept crew that barely-any-money can buy. Maybe he should have dug a little deeper into his couch cushions for that part of the budget, however, as an accident with a camera boom leaves the hapless director lying dead on the ground. While most of the crew understandably thinks things are a wrap, Bravo is able to convince them to finish the product in Horton's honor. And that's when the horror they're trying to create on camera suddenly switches to reality, as they find themselves assaulted by a pack of ravenous monsters.

This is quite obviously a micro-budget affair. Still, they didn't let that get in the way. The monsters themselves, the reason people are going to watch this in the first place, were certainly not slacked on. They look like humanoid spiders, and watching wave after wave descend on their victims was a definite treat. The actual violence, the blows themselves, was never shown. Instead, the camera would be focused on the face of the attacker, and then switch to the aftermath. And from branches through throats and faces getting ripped off, the aftermath looked pretty damned good. Granted, I would have preferred they kept it a little more realistic. For example, the girl with the aforementioned removed continues on in the movie, bare muscles to the world. 

One of the things Horton raved about is the quality of his collected actors and actresses; I have to say this was quite the mixed bag here. Interestingly enough, gender just so happened to be the dividing line. Glen Plummer certainly turned in a very nice performance, too bad his character died early on. Lee Perkins and Edward Hendershott were also pretty good, but both fell victim to stereotypical writing of stoner and black guy respectively. A shame too, as Hendershott would have fared a lot better without all the Ebonics thrown in. Now, about that estrogen side of the table: Claudia Perea, Linda Bella, and Ashton Blanchard were all bad. Really bad. Of course, Jacqui Holland did manage to knock valley-girl speak and running through the woods topless out of the park. Girl power indeed.

Writer/director Jason Horton wanted to inject a bit of autobiography into this. Indeed, the whole backstory of Plummer having to reshoot his movie to make it sell is one he faced personally, and he name-drops two of his former movies: Trap and Edges of Darkness. While I'm sure it felt good to vent, most of that is lost on the audience. We basically just want to see some people get eaten by the monsters in the woods, and thankfully, Horton is able to successfully blow off said steam without it swallowing the titular side of the story. It merely serves as the set up that got this group out into the wilderness in the first place. Nice to see he's not egotistical enough to let his own struggle swallow the whole project; a lot of directors wouldn't be able to say the same. 

Monsters in the Woods is definitely a fun little romp. If it hits the Netflix scene, pick it up; it'll serve for a nice night in front of the tube, especially if you and your buddies have a b-movie night. 8/10.

Osiris: Producing Affordable Content
Posted: Dec 27, 2011

Osiris Entertainment's website clearly represents the distribution company's innovative way of doing business. The final consumer has a selection of 600 movies to choose from and get immediate access to. "We are not an agent, but a real distributer. We do all the artistic work and production in house, and distribute it for TV, DVD, VOD, digital platforms and airlines," Evan Crooke, president and CEO, said. 

It's a different outlook: Crooke is a renowned screenwriter, producer and director who became the manager of an independent movie distribution company. He highlights the importance of collaborative projects, the producer's role, and having a good relationship with buyers. "In this current market, everyone must be flexible and adapt quickly," he said. 


The executive shared his point of view on the current market and explained what he believes is the way to overcome economic difficulties: "Unfortunately, the industry has changed significantly over the last ten years. The movie business has become more competitive as the years went by for many reasons. First of all, there's piracy. And second, the world has become a giant content machine, and the movie industry has transformed into a quantity business," he said. 

The explanation comes down to one simple word: fragmentation. According to Crooke, there are currently between 20 and 30 "cake slices" within the distribution industry. These "slices" used to be only 3 or 4. "The problem with this is that there are more places to sell content, but the rule is that each sale translates into less money. The amount of products has tripled, since other countries have started producing more due to the easy access to technology. More offer means less value," he said.

On the bright side of thing, the executive states that there are "more places to sell, and more technology to reach a specific niche" or genre and sub-genre. "There are more places for movie producers to sell their titles: it doesn't matter what they produce, there will always be a niche to sell it to. This is good news," Crooke said. 

In this scenario, Osiris lives on. Its motto: adapt to the clients' purchasing power. "We can offer the best movies at an affordable price to the international market. We understand that in order to survive in this business, there's no other choice than to think internationally. It's necessary to provide all kinds of content to all kinds of consumers worldwide. And, most importantly, whether it's in a Walmart in Canada or through Netflix in the US (and considering the wide product offer and the consumers' ability to choose), it's necessary to offer products at an affordable price," he said. 


Crooke also shares a clear outlook on movies' production and distribution process: nowadays it's necessary to use small budgets, since profits are no where near what they used to be a few years ago in the independent world. 

"Ten years ago, a movie could be completed with only a US$ million dollars and profits would be three times that amount. Those times have ended. Nowadays I believe producers have two choices: you can produce a film with US$ 200,000 and be able to win back what you invested, plus a small profit on an international level. Or, you can raise the stakes and invest US$ 5 million dollars in a project. All projects in between these two numbers have the possibility of ending in complete disaster," he concludes.

Posted: Dec 27, 2011

 About a tight group of friends living in a small, forgotten, Wisconsin town. The story revolves around Kevin and his fight to find a new life for himself after 30 years of going nowhere.

Kevin's life has never been easy and it gets even harder when his father decides to move the family to a small town after his mother dies during a routine surgery. Years pass and the town begins to suffer an economic crisis, mills close and jobs dry up. When his father decides to move Kevin makes the decision to stay in hopes to find a better life there among his friends and girlfriend but like the rest of the town's people he just sits around drinking and nothing chances. Years later while at a party a local bad boy rapes Kevin's girlfriend but she doesn't want to press charges which puts a strain on their relationship until his father pays him a visit one day and hands him a check for 50,000 from his mother's settlement. Things begin to look up once he buys a house and begins to look at life a bit differently but it seems trouble is never far behind for Kevin.

To go into full details about the plot would only ruin the story for those wanting to see it so I will stop there. "Nonames" is a story about a group of friends, sure the focus is on Kevin and his life in the small town he refuses to leave but you also get to know each and every friend of his and a few locals as well like his boss, Ed. These are characters that you care about and even relate to which is why the film is so hard to watch at times. There are happy times and even some humor in the film which is very funny but mostly it's a doom and gloom look at life in a small town that like it's residents is fighting to stay alive. A realistic, honest portrayal of small town U.S.A., I was taken in from the opening scene and through the film's many characters and dramatic moments. I was willing to invest my time in hopes everything turned out good for everyone.

The cast is many but everyone did an outstanding job bringing their characters to life. James Badge Dale is amazing as Kevin, he brings so much emotion to his character that it pulls on your heart strings and Gillian Jacobs is just as wonderful as his girlfriend CJ. The film also features veteran actor, Barry Corbin and he delivers a terrific performance as well but we have come to expect it from him.

Beautifully shot with gorgeous countryside scenery, you can easily tell a lot of heart went into making the film. "Nonames" is a powerful and dramatic film that moves you and it leaves you thinking about it long after it's over. An Independent masterpiece that is one of this year's must-see films.

Monsters In The Woods
Posted: Dec 27, 2011

MONSTERS IN THE WOODS was a movie I was waiting to watch and thanks to writer/ director Jason Horton we got that opportunity. I popped the film into my Xbox 360 and started the movie and right off the bat the film has a cute blonde completely naked before her boyfriend gets taken out by a bird like creature. After that scene I was hooked.

The film is about a film crew out in the woods shooting a horror movie when the horror comes to them in the form of hellhounds and now the crew must help an angel send the hounds back to hell. 

The scene I mentioned earlier about the naked blonde girl is actually part of the horror movie being shot in the film and the bird man creature is also a part of the shoot, which was a relief because if that was the main creature I would have shut off the film, but it makes total sense for the movie within a movie.

Since I am speaking of the creature let me get right into the thing that impressed me the most and that was the creature FX. I wasn’t knocking the bird man FX because the face application design is really cool, but when you see the film you will understand what I am talking about. The hellhound creature design and FX are freaking awesome. I was shocked at how good the hell hounds looked for a small budget film and it was all practical FX, no CGI, well I believe there was no CGI. The hellhounds seemed like it was a suit operated by someone wearing stilts and that worked giving the hellhounds a very cool walking motion. 

There is also a good amount of gore in the film and blood was flying everywhere especially towards the end of the film. If you are a fan of gore and old school creature films then this will make you happy. In my opinion the FX work was the star of the show. 

The acting in the film wasn’t bad and it was good to see Glenn Plummer in the film. He plays Jayson the director of the film who is totally frustrated that he is shooting additional footage to his film because the studio wants more blood and boobs. The veteran actor grabs all the attention when on screen and is a joy to watch. The remaining cast keeps the film interesting and helps define the films low budget horror film within a film feel. You have the supposed superstar character, the girl who can’t act and then there is the crew who are there for the love of the craft. Another character that I was drawn to was Bravo (Blaine Cade) the executive producer of the horror film. I wasn’t drawn to him until midway through the film, but he became a character that I wanted dead and was waiting for every opportunity for that to happen, so good job Blaine.

Now on to Jason Horton’s script and directing skills. I have to give Jason credit because the script went somewhere I didn’t anticipate. The addition of the religious aspect of the film totally took me by surprise as did the storyline of how the hell hounds came to the woods. I was totally going into the movie thinking it was going to be a straight up creature feature, but the incorporation of the religious aspect helped the film as did the setting of the film. He also did a good job developing characters that you love and hate, like the executive producer character. The directing work was also very good and I can see improvement from his previous films. I really enjoyed the directorial work when the shit really started to hit the fan and how he kept the creature moving to the point I got frustrated because I was trying to admire the FX work, but that tactic worked for the film. And kept the action flowing. All this made for a very entertaining film.

Monsters In The Woods
Posted: Dec 20, 2011

 A low-budget film crew treks deep into the wilderness to shoot horror sequences for their unsellable indie-drama. They soon find themselves in the midst of their own horror show as they are hunted down real monsters.

As the film opens Low budget filmmaker, Jayson what he believes is a winning film but Hollywood has other ideas. The powers that be want him to go back and do some re-shoots adding more blood and nudity. Jayson tells his Producer Bravo to get a cast and crew together and talk them into re-shooting for free with the promise of reaping some of the profits once the film is sold. But with an incompetent cast and crew something was bound to go wrong and it does when Jayson is accidentally killed on set. Bravo some how convinces everyone to finish the film but what no one else knows is that he made a pact with the devil and now there are blood thirsty hellhounds on the loose looking to take 12 lives and maybe more. It's now up to stuntman Burt and a female Angel to stop Bravo and put an end to all the killing before it's too late.

"Monsters in The Woods" starts off a bit slow as it introduces the characters and sets up the story but it doesn't take long for the film to shift gears and become a full-fledged creature feature. The film has a good amount of blood and gore and the effects are really well done, the creatures are also very original, their not your typical hellhounds you might be use to seeing. The film also has a good bit of nudity, foul language and dark humor to keep the things light and fun. Writer/Director, Jason Horton really has a pulse on the genre and he even knows how to poke a little fun at the industry as well.

Director Horton also put together a terrific cast including Glenn Plummer, everyone in the film did a fantastic job playing their roles and they all looked like they had a blast making the film as well. The film is well-shot, everything looks good and Horton really made the most of the isolated settings which really gave the feeling on nowhere to run or hide. "Monsters in The Woods" is just another example of why Independent horror reigns over anything Hollywood produces nowadays. This was a bloody good time and a film that gets the juices flowing, if you're a fan of horror you owe it to yourself to check this one out. I will be keeping an eye out to see what this talented Director has coming next.

Night Drive Review
Posted: Dec 19, 2011

Against the tranquil backdrop of a game reserve, South African thriller Night Drive tracks a group of tourists left stranded during a night-time game drive after their vehicle breaks down. As a series of terrifying events unfolds, the tourists realise that wild animals are the least of their fears.

Local legend has it that the Hyena Man a power-obsessed madman who once traded in animal parts heads a well armed, well trained group of poachers who are on the hunt for human body parts and who are known to trade in live human beings.

When the tourists come across a womans mutilated body, ex-special forces soldier turned game ranger Jack Darwin becomes hell-bent on tracking down the poachers. He leaves the group in the care of his superstitious tracker, Akani (Yule Masiteng).

Jacks estranged son Sean (Christopher Beasley) becomes the visitors only hope for survival. But if hes going to keep them alive he has to confront his own demons first.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"Night Drive" is a South African thriller/horror from first time Director, Justin Head who also wrote the screenplay. You would never know this was Justin's first time behind the camera by watching the film because it looks amazing. The story has a main character in Sean but don't think for a minute that he's the whole story, the almost dozen characters in the film are all part of the story-line and they are all well-developed. The basic story-line is pretty simple but it's the film's complex characters that make this such an engaging piece of cinema. Early on you develop feelings for each one of the characters in one way or another.

To go into details about the plot would only ruin certain surprises that await those of you that haven't see the film yet so I am not going to do that plus what is already written about the story here is all you really need to know. The film is very fact pace plus it's suspenseful and at times frightening. At heart it's a thriller with scenes of horrific violence that enhances the story and never becomes it. There is a good amount of blood and gore for those of you that enjoy that kind of thing but "Night Drive" is mainly a thrill ride that will have you holding on to your seat to see who survives and who doesn't.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


The film is a game of survival but it's also about a man who can't let go of the past and is looking for some kind of redemption. This is a unique film for it's country but it's also one of the best written and directed films in it's genre I have seen in some time. "Night Drive" is a must-see, must-own film for all fan's of the genre. The action, drama and suspense never let up till the credits begin to roll and I really enjoyed the twist towards the end as well. The production rivals anything coming out of Hollywood plus the ensemble cast did an amazing job playing out these complex characters plus the direction is brilliant, I for one cannot wait to see what Justin Head has coming out next. "Night Drive: is one hell of a ride and is not to be missed.

Monsters In The Woods
Posted: Dec 12, 2011

This film should really have been called Angels and Hellhounds. With that aside, Jason Horton's fifth film as director takes place in Big Bear National Park where a film crew is shooting a low budget horror movie. Their film then turns into a real horror film when an earthquake releases hounds from hell onto the set. Now, the crew is chased down by a host of creatures that look more like walking crabs than anything else. Meanwhile, dir. Horton satirizes his real life as a low budget filmmaker through the character Jayson (Glen Plummer).

At the black heart of this film is the producer Bravo (Blaine Cade). It seems that hell has released him temporarily from below. He will be brought back to the netherworld unless he can secure twelve souls for the demons he is working for. This means that Bravo will have to murder several of the crew members while the others try to figure out why everyone keeps disappearing. A few characters lose their face or are splattered in blood before they put two and two together. All of the action begins after director Jayson (Glenn Plummer) succumbs to an accidental death via a boom crane. Hilariously, the crew continues the shoot without him and without burying his body until there are no more cast members left to perform scenes.

Some of those cast members include Burt (Edward Hendershott), the temporary hero and Ashley (Linda Bella), the desperate starlette. Burt ties to put a stop to Bravo's plan, but the supernatural is more powerful than the physical. Ashley has already given herself over to the devil's evil plan. As well, Bravo is duplicitous and this character seems to be a symbol of all that is wrong with Hollywood - producers. Jayson, the director in the film, only gets a few scenes to shout at his incompetent crew before the bloodbath begins and this reviewer would have liked to have seen Plummer (Speed) last a little longer.

Horton is quite clever in this production as he switches genres a third of the way through the film. At first, Monsters in the Woods seems like a docudrama or a film within a film. However, things change early. The film transitions into a horror styled film similar to a creature feature, when the hellhounds are released. The satire is also here as microphones break at inopportune times or as the script reader feeds the actor's their forgotten lines. This blend of genres made the film feel smart to this reviewer. Much of that intelligence comes through in the quick repartee. Unfortunately, a lot of that repartee involves unnecessary and constant cursing.

Horror fans will enjoy the gore here and there are some elements of evil here too. The special effects department concentrates on splashing the blood around, or creating caves that look very similar to female genitalia. The costumes of the actual monsters are well done and the make-up effects range from torn faces to impaled characters. All of the effects look well done and believable to shocking affect.

In the end, director Horton satirizes his life as a low budget filmmaker in Monsters in the Woods. His difficulties with real life ambitious actresses, inept actors, talentless crew members and scheming money grubbing producers all get their sensationalized time on the screen. At least he can laugh at it, right? And this film might be comparable to the first Cabin Fever film with its use of dark comedy to keep things funny and bloody. Although not comparable in budget to Cabin Fever, Monsters in the Woods was a lot better than this reviewer expected; horror fans will not be let down by this film as Horton shows his expertise in the horror realm. Finally, indie film fans might laugh along with Horton as he pokes fun at an industry that could use a few more films like the one seen here.


Father vs. Son
Posted: Dec 5, 2011

 "Father vs. Son" is a comedy that centers on a newly divorced dad, Jerry Coletti, and his ever-embarrassed son, Grant. When Jerry's wife dumps him he decides to pay his son a visit and all hell breaks loose when Jerry decides to go after the same lady his son in interested in. As each man attempts to do things to win over this beautiful woman the laughs just keep coming. There's not only tons of clever and hilarious dialogue going on between the two but the situational comedy is right on as well.

I'm not going to sit here and ruin any part of this hysterical comedy by giving away details because that would be just wrong, instead I am just going to keep this review short and say that "Father vs. Son" is one of the funniest films I have seen this year and it makes for multiple viewings because it's that damn good.


A home-run of comedies with the perfect cast, lots of laugh out loud moments and great direction from a very talented filmmaker, Joe Ballarini makes this is a must-see comedy for all fans.

The DVD comes loaded with Special Features that include: Audio Commentary featuring: Writer/Director Joe Ballarini, Writer/Co-star Paul Wolf, and Producer/Editor Brian James Crew, “On the Set of Father vs Son,” Outtakes, Deleted Scenes, Photo Gallery, and the Trailer.

Not much more to add here, if you like to have a good time then "Father vs. Son" will have you rolling on the floor in laughter.

Walk A Mile In My Pradas
Posted: Dec 2, 2011

We can all stand a little magic in our lives this Christmas. Walk a Mile in My Pradas is just the kind of holiday film to brighten your day and put a smile on your face. It pretty much concerns a macho homophobe construction worker Tony (Nathaniel Marston) and a gay coworker on a new job site named Steve (Tom Archdeacon) who cannot get along. Through vengeful spite, each wishes that the other would switch lifestyles, and in the presence of a Christmas tree angel that blinks on and off, puf! the transformation inexplicably takes place. Suddenly Tony starts acting weird - like cooking and cruising guys in Gay bars, and Steve, to the dismay of lover Michael (Emrhys Cooper), begins to check out and fancy chicks. The film's unpredictability is somewhat in the vein of Big, where Tom Hanks' innocent wish comes true and he must face the consequences, no matter how bizarre or uncomfortable!

Growing up Catholic and realizing you're gay is a nightmare. Well, Tony's family (Dee Wallace, Mike Starr) are Italian Catholics and teacher Sister Betty (Bunny Levine) taught Tony as a boy that "gay is evil". Therein lie the roots of his intolerance. Capiche? When Tony encounters Sister Betty in the present - 20 years later - her response? "Times have changed. Get with it!" Oh, these fickle Catholics and their hypocritical devotion! This is but one example of ...Prada's topical hilarity.

Under Joey Sylvester's caring direction, the entire cast is delightful. Marston rightfully underplays his newfound weirdness, as does Archdeacon with his attraction to women. Relying on overly swishy or super macho behavior just would not work, period. Cooper adds color to Michael, who is appropriately baffled and heartbroken at his lover's sudden lack of interest. Equally confused is Tony's fiance Sarah played with restraint by Kirsten Lea. Dee Wallace hasn't been this funny since 10 as the obsessive English teacher/momma who starts mopping the floor incessantly when she even conceptualizes her son as gay. Tom Arnold is a hoot as the laid-back boss sort of caught in the middle of the sexual issue. Poker-faced Levine is a scream as Sister Betty, and kudos as well to writer Rick Karatas as friend Brian and especially to Lindsay Hollister as Laura. Overweight and out of place, she has one of the funniest lines in the movie regarding consternation with bulemia. Bruce Vilanch has a cute cameo as himself.

Dee Wallace with Marston

Of course, there's a happy ending and everyone gets what they want - c'mon, it's Christmas! Is it possible to be lightweight, yet high on sweet? If so,

Walk a Mile in My Pradas fits the bill and makes for perfect holiday fare. It's breezy and uplifting!

Posted: Nov 29, 2011

Dr. Andrew Stanton (Brian Krause) is a young physician who believes he is on the verge of developing what could very well be the cure for a disease which has plagued mankind for far too long, the AIDS virus. His medical labors have negatively affected his home life while he is also being hounded by government reps as well as his superiors, who are technically supposed to be on his team so to speak but are more interested in the funding and publicity that will come their way if his medication is a success. 

If all of these distractions are not enough, a medically-deemed terminal child named Jesus is just days away from his passing, and the thought of the youngster ending up in the morgue internally eats away at his conscience. Even though his lab tech Matthew (Kadeem Hardison of A Different World and Def By Temptation) tells him, “You can’t save them all”, Stanton injects his “cure” into the youngster in a desperate act to save his life. Of course, this intended good deed goes awry once Jesus bites Stanton, setting the film’s events into motion. 


Without giving too much away, Stanton’s cure is not at all what it is cracked up to be. Instead of curing AIDS in humans, it devolves them into zombie-esque beings on the hunt for blood (although the word “zombie” is never spoken). Now Stanton is in a race against the clock to find a cure to his failed cure and thwart an imminent outbreak from occurring. 

Ashes is simply a well made film, top to bottom, and director Elias Matar should be given much praise for his first full length effort. If this debut is his attempt to find some directorial poise, stating “sky’s the limit” might sound cliché yet is very true. This film has the look of one that could easily play at your local movieplex right now to positive fare. It’s smart in story, uses an apropos hospital setting and somehow is able to breathe new life into a subgenre that is beyond played out. Thankfully, Matar’s story takes place with the events leading to an outbreak and not the tired and overused idea of having his film transpire during the apocalyptic portion of an outbreak. Another great aspect of the film is how Matar does not have the Stanton character go the usual route of being the typical evil scientist/mad doctor. While most of these types of film characters make you feel zero pity for them, due to their medical megalomaniacal ways turning things sour in the first place, you actually sympathize for Stanton because he inadvertently causes chaos while unselfishly trying to save a child’s life. He legitimately meant well, but his end result was an utter failure.


If you want to watch an interesting take on the “outbreak film” or if even if you are just wondering what Dwayne Wane is up to nowadays, then make sure to see Ashes for some fascinating cinema.

The Sacred
Posted: Nov 9, 2011

A group of University students travel to a remote patch of land deep in the Florida swamps to complete their thesis project on native American folklore. These grounds have the power to bring “sins” back to life, to bring the dead back to life, punishing and killing whoever is guilty of serious crimes. As the students quickly find out...past actions can lead to present nightmares.

The movie follows the journey of 5 college students as they trek through the Florida swamps to do a school project on an Indian tribe. They travel down a beautiful river to their destination, a camp. When one of them removes an Indian artifact from its resting place, all hell breaks loose. The 5 friends all become hunted, by their own past.


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That's about all you really need to know about this really effective horror film. One of the first things you notice here is just how awesome the cinematography is, it rivals any big budget Hollywood production and is better than most and you have to remember this film was made on a very small budget which makes it that much more impressive. The choice of lighting and camera angles are perfect in each and every scene which really helps in creating the perfect atmosphere. The film has a decent amount of blood in it but that's not what drives the film, the well-written story, developed characters and superb acting is what makes this Indie so special.

The entire cast including, John Kyle won the award for best supporting actor, Jordan Wall and Jessica Blackmore all give amazing performances but it's the entire ensemble that delivers here. Some might get the idea that this is a "The Ruins" rip-off but before you do let me just say that "The Sacred" is what "The Ruins" should of been.

Writer/Director, Jose Zambrano Cassella has orchestrated a piece of Indie cinema that looks, plays and delivers on everything it promises and more. I look forward to seeing what this talented film maker has coming out next. Like any good horror film should "The Sacred" brings the right amount of suspense, scares and blood but it relies on it's amazing cast and engaging story to carry it, you put all those together you come up with a film that is truly something special and a great addition to the Indie scene.

If you're a horror buff you owe it to yourself to check out "The Sacred" today, you are going to be glad you did.

Posted: Oct 31, 2011

Viruses. One word that can definitely bring a lot of images to mind. Especially when put into the context and confines of a horror movie. In that aspect you might as well put the word “super” in front of it because that is usually what you end up dealing with. And boy do they ever wreak havoc.

Ashes falls into this medical subgenre of horror which could easily be termed “the diseased, the dead and the not so dead.” You don’t want to catch one of these bad boys, believe me. Sure it starts out innocent enough, a cough here, a fever there, throw in an occasional skin lesion. But if you’ve seen enough of these you know it will eventually get much worse. The only thing you can possibly hope for is a quick death and then pray that it actually ends there. Coming back to life with the sole purpose of infecting more people isn’t exactly high on my priority list.

The movie starts out with some children kicking a ball around on a rocky beach. One of them, Jesus, happens to see a white jellyfish that has washed up on shore. He reaches down to inspect it more closely but when he does he gets stung.

Cut to an emergency room where we meet Doctor Andrew Stanton (played by Brian Krause of Charmed fame) attending to multiple patients. Right away you can tell that he is great at what he does. And it isn’t long before you find out just how great.

Seems he is getting very close to finding a cure for the AIDS virus. Sure he only has one test subject for now but things are looking promising. With the help of his assistant, Matthew (played by Kadeem Hardison from the television show A Different World), they are on the verge of a breakthrough. If only poor Jesus didn’t get dropped off at the door of the hospital.

Things aren’t looking good for poor Jesus. He is on the verge of dying. Doctor Stanton isn’t the type who can just stand around and do nothing so he tries a last resort. Inject him with his latest med to help boost the young boy’s immune system. And quicker than you can say big mistake, Jesus takes a bite out of the good Doctor’s arm.

Things seem to be okay at first but we horror fans know better. Slowly but surely Doctor Stanton worsens until he begins to lose all grips on reality and starts to become more and more agitated, much to the bewilderment of his family, friends and colleagues.

Ashes is a pretty good horror movie that while for the most part is predictable, does a good job of keeping you entertained. For some it will be a little too slow moving. This is one of those movies that builds and builds before finally exploding in the last reel. Personally I thought the wait was worth it. Brian Krause does an excellent job of portraying a man who quite simply descends into not only madness, but something much more.

Director Elias Matar keeps the tension building as the virus works its way through Doctor Stanton. This isn’t a horror film in the sense that the virus takes hold within the first fifteen minutes and you spend the rest of the movie fighting off hordes of the infected. Not to worry though, you do get some blood and bodies at the end.

Speaking of blood, the make-up is well done if a little understated although gore is not the focal point. The acting is above par all around which is really crucial in a slower paced film such as this. If you don’t fall in line with the characters, you’re going to be fighting off the urge to take a nap.

Overall I would have to say that I liked this movie. Wouldn’t rate it a purchase but good to see. Just make sure to wash your hands after watching. Killing all the bacteria you can is never a bad idea.

The Sacred
Posted: Oct 25, 2011

Indian folklore, restless spirits, and a naive bunch of archeology students always make for a good mix of frights. In the film “The Sacred”, a group decides to head out to a remote location containing a Native American site that’s been around for centuries.

The group which is intent on gathering info and excavating at the campsite over the course of a day, stops by a local bar to get directions. The bar owner upon hearing of where they want to be taken refuses any involvement knowing that the spot was a former murder site to a similar group who were massacred without explanation. The locals know the place too well, though its largely a forbidden and a cursed spot for evil spirits and deeds. Though one old soul steps up at the notion of making a few bucks. As this gigantic harrowing man tells the group, he can only drop them off at the river bank. They’ll have to leave before sunset and return to the boat.

Film Review: The Sacred (2009)  The Sacred 2009 movie 5

It’s funny as this kind of omen warning seems to be pretty common in horror films. In fact the lead up and execution is remarkably the same as about 15 other films I’ve watched in 2011. The real story begins when the group is exposed to the evils of the land and what transpires. I think in a real world situation one would have been exposed to so many fiction warnings that the mention of nasty spirits would be enough to deter anyone. The group is far from being deterred and simply heed any warnings indulging as they please.

“The Sacred” begins in the past as a ritual driven punishment is imposed on a tribal violator. What lurks n the woods sends instant fear into our captive who is approached by zombie looking demons. As we are told, the land punishes criminals and looks into their hearts for purity or corruption. Those who are corrupt suffer at the hands of dead.

Film Review: The Sacred (2009)  The Sacred 2009 movie 4

“The Sacred” roots itself in a “Friday the 13th” setup with a supernatural follow up. Our characters meet the stereotypes of young adult driven films catering to a “Scream” audience. Highlight for me were the more weirder displayed segments than the slasher fare kill by numbers scenes. Even a hint of “Evil Dead” seems to be influence this production which grounds itself in a beat-up cabin with night full of angry spirit manifestations. We learn as the film moves along that demons from each of the groups past are still alive within them bringing inner conflicts into reality.

Film Review: The Sacred (2009)  The Sacred 2009 movie 3

This new release which comes from the folks over at Osirus Entertainment. I will say that the product looks great. The camera shots, the setting, and the color tones really pop suggesting a more professional product than some of the other studio releases out there. Story wise, I didn’t find alot new, but found alot that meets the criteria of age bracket groups. The film strays away from being a zombie film but does involve the dead who walk and haunt. Direction by Jose Zambrano Cassella seems solid in the same way as you might expect from “Cabin Fever”, though it’s his cinematography that really shines capturing some slam dunk footage to leverage the more average storyline.

Film Review: The Sacred (2009)  The Sacred 2009 movie 2

Cupid's Arrow
Posted: Oct 25, 2011

An innocent college couple unknowingly become involved in their Professor’s illicit research into the manipulation of love and his recreation of the elusive “Cupid’s Arrow”.

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Everyone is hit with cupid's arrow at some point in their lives but Director, Dan Peterson takes the theme and injects a twist to it and in turn creates a very different yet entertaining look at love and what some people will do to experience it. The film focuses on a college couple, Alan and Sam who have a good thing going, enter Professor Grimes who has found a way to clone cupid's arrow and out it in a bottle. When Sam decides to join his "research" team she unwillingly falls victim to the Professor's plan to use the formula for his own personal gain. Now it's up to Alan with a little help from his friends to foil the Professor's plans and get his girlfriend back before it's too late.

"Cupid's Arrow" is a comedy/romance at heart but it also has a bit of a dark edge to it as well which is what makes it not only original but much more entertaining as well. To talk about the edge the film has here would only ruin it for those waiting to see it but I can tell you it was something I never expecting, what I did expect was a light comedy which the film is but I was surprised to see a bit of a mood change towards the end of the movie and to me it really made the film that much better.

The entire cast did a terrific job but the stand-out performances belong to the C. Thomas Howell as the Professor and the young couple played by Najarra Townsend and Chandler Rylko. A well written, funny and fast paced comedy that provides plenty of laughs, sexiness and a bit of nastiness as well.

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If you're a fan of the genre or one of the many C. Thomas Howell fans out there then I highly recommend checking this one out. It's another little Indie gem that you never heard of but are sure glad you discovered. Osiris Entertainment does an amazing job at finding entertaining films will this and in almost every genre.

All involved in making "Cupid's Arrow" deserve a lot of credit for being part of a comedy that isn't afraid of being different while still providing enough entertainment to please all fans of the genre. A fast paced comedy that had be laughing throughout and smiling long after it was over.

Posted: Oct 18, 2011

Osiris Entertainment had a phenemonal experience at MIPCOM 2011. It was our first time at this market and we opened many new accounts worldwide.

Walk A Mile In My Pradas
Posted: Oct 18, 2011

Macho, construction worker, Tony Parisi proudly voted for Prop 8 (AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE). He’s the kind of guy who takes great pleasure in ridiculing his gay co-worker, Steve. That is until fate and a magic Christmas ornament step in to teach him a lesson. Two weeks before his wedding, Tony finds that he is suddenly gay, while Steve learns he has mysteriously turned straight. Now, Tony must scramble to "straighten out" in time for his wedding... But, not before he walks a mile in Steve's shoes.

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I was really looking forward to seeing this film after I first saw the trailer, the subject matter is a realistic problem we face today but the film-makers treat it in a funny and respectful way.

There are many characters in the film but it's main focus is on two of them, Tony who is a macho guy who is about to marry his girlfriend and Steve, a gay co-worker. Tony starts getting on Steve relentlessly at work and it finally comes to a head at the bosses Christmas party. The two exchange words, Steve wishes Tony was gay and Tony wishes Steve was straight what they don't know is there's a magic Christmas tree angel there that has the power to grant wishes. When the two wake up the next day completely different men it results in a lot of confusion and some hilarious moments as well.

I loved this film from it's opening scene, the banter between Tony and Steve creates a lot of laugh-out-loud moments and everyone around them begins to wonder what is going on. Tony and Steve get themselves in hot water with their lovers for not being affectionate anymore and even Tony's friends begin to wonder what is wrong with their now sensitive buddy. The story is pretty simple but it's execution is flawless, combine that with some very clever and funny dialogue and you get an adult comedy that is sure to have you laughing and smiling all the way to the end.

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Speaking of the end, the film also provides a few important lessons on judging others, that is if you can find them through all the hilarity. As far as the acting goes the cast is amazing, Nathaniel Marston and Tom Archdeacon are fantastic as Tony and Steve and Tom Arnold is his usual incredible self as their boss. Dee Wallace and Mike Starr are also great as Tony's parents. I could go on and name just about everyone in the film because the entire cast did a terrific job.

"Walk a Mile in My Pradas" is comedy about excepting others for who they are plus it adds a little Christmas flavor to it. This is an original comedy with wonderful characters and zany situations that will have you laughing all the way till the end. A feel good comedy that does just that, it will leave you with a smile long after it's over. I highly recommend picking it up when it comes out on DVD November 11th.

The Lake Effect
Posted: Oct 18, 2011

Rob Lawson’s perpetual quest for success is interrupted when his estranged daughter shows up nine months pregnant, challenging Rob to be a father before he becomes a grandfather.

"The Lake Effect" is a Dramedy about Rob who is struggle to get any business in today's tough economy, besides that his wife's biological clock is ticking away but the more she yearns for a child the more Rob resists. If this whole mid-life crisis wasn't bad enough for Rob, one day they get a knock on the door from his 18-year-old daughter, Celia who is 9 months pregnant. The one thing Celia needs right now is a loving father who understands and is willing to help her prepare to be a mother but the problem is Rob was never what you would call a good father in the first place so it will be a learning precess for the both of them as they hurry to ready her for motherhood.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The real-life crisis Rob, Celia and Natalie are going through leads to some realistic situations and drama but it also leads to some very funny moments in the film as well like when Rob and Celia sit down together to watch videos on becoming a mother. "The Lake Effect" is Writer/Director, Tara Miele's first feature film and she does a terrific job at telling the serious side of the story while injecting a perfect mix of humor to lighten the mood and keep the story lively.

As far as the production goes the film looks terrific, to look at it you would never know it was an Independent production. The Cinematography and settings are breath-taking and the music used in the film is a perfect fit. The cast is another reason to celebrate, Ross Partridge, Tara Summers and Kay Panabaker all give amazing, realistic performances.

"The Lake Effect" is an entertaining film that will have you engaged the entire time, you immediately care about the characters and what happens to them. A touching, funny and captivating film about past mistakes, and regrets, it's also forgetting the past and moving forward, growing up and taking on responsibilities. I fell in love with the story and couldn't take my eyes off the screen the entire time. The ending is not necessarily a happy one but like the rest of the film it's a realistic one and it leaves you hopeful for all three of the film's main characters.

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"The Lake Effect" is another example of just how great Independent cinema can be, If you like the genre then I highly recommend picking this one up. This is a film you will be telling your friends and family about and it's the kind of drama/comedy Hollywood can only dream of making. I certainly look forward to seeing what Tara Miele has coming next as well as the talented cast.

Grey Skies
Posted: Oct 11, 2011

Grey Skies
Directed by Kai Blackwood
Courtesy of Osiris Entertainment
Release Date: October 11, 2011

They say there’s nothing new under the sun…and they might be right. But what they (whoever ‘they’ are) didn’t count on is suspenseful and frightening flicks about beings who are NOT from under our sun. I am referring in this instance to GREY SKIES, a great and entertaining thriller from Osiris Entertainment.

If you are not familiar with GREY SKIES, here is the plot synopsis courtesy of the Osiris Entertainment website:

A group of college friends reunite to revive their glory days by renting a beautiful cabin in the woods. As the sun sets on their first day at the cabin, bright flashes of light announce the arrival of mysterious creatures. These friends will have to outwit a force that is both inhuman and extremely intelligent in order to survive. The outcome with shock and amaze you as we come to realize…we are not alone in the universe.

GREY SKIES brings a lot to the table with just a little bit to work with. Director Kai Blackwood weaves a masterful blend of chills and thrills with a simple premise and a singular location. This film is a great testament to how much can be accomplished with a little budget, IF it is spent right.

Although the premise itself is not necessarily original (I mean, how many alien invaders flicks have been made in the last century…at least a thousand?), the execution of the film is flawless. GREY SKIES could have been a dud…if the lighting used had been different, the cast had not been talented, the script was flawed, or even the director had not been capable. But thankfully, the stars were aligned for this one and a deftly clever film was created.

The special effects in GREY SKIES will not blow you away, but they are perfect for the film. The creatures are vague, thanks to some nifty shadowing techniques, but this works great because it lets your imagination try to fill in the blanks. I found myself coming up with several mental pictures for what they might actually look like.

The film clocks in at 84 minutes in length, which again fits perfectly. Too many directors try to drag out their films in an attempt to heighten the suspense…but many of those films fail because they simply won’t end after an acceptable level of tension is created. GREY SKIES delivers a lot of punch within its 84 minute window and even leaves you wanting more.

The acting is great and the cinematography looks good. The plot is fun also; I especially like the twist at the end, but I won’t ruin anything for you by discussing it. You’ll just have to watch it for yourself.

Definitely give GREY SKIES a look. It is a very entertaining trek into somewhat familiar territory.


Grey Skies
Posted: Sep 29, 2011

For seven longtime friends from college, a weekend away turns into a nightmare of unimaginable horror. They are being watched. Deep in the woods, in a secluded cabin, something is stalking them. Something is studying them.

One by one, each friend disappears among strange flashes of light. Who or what could do such a thing? When they try and escape, the power goes, nothing works. They are trapped. And still, the strange flashes of light continue, announcing a presence....

One of the friends returns; naked, bleeding from the head but seemingly, okay. Yet, there is something off. Something in their eyes show they have been changed. Experimented on.

These characters will have their friendships and loyalties tested as they must outwit a force that is both inhuman and extremely intelligent in order to survive. The outcome will shock and amaze as we come to realize... we are not alone in the universe.

I was really looking forward to sitting down to this one, a good Sci-fi is always welcomed so I was hoping for the best. As the film opens we begin to meet the group as they gather at the secluded cabin in the middle of the woods, this character development takes awhile to play out but it's important to get to know each and everyone of them a bit in order to have some sort of feeling for them later on. You are going to like some and dislike a few as well but it was great to see a film build on the little things before hitting us with the more meaty stuff later, plus even though it takes awhile introducing the characters the film still moves along at a nice pace.

After everyone arrives and you get a good sense of who they are, what baggage they brought, the material and non-material kind and who is with who night begins to fall and the group is already into their first night's party. That is when they see something fall from the sky, dismissing it as a meteor the group has no clue what they are in for.

To go on about the plot and what happens would only ruin the experience for those wanting to see the film for themselves so I am not going to provide any spoilers here. Instead I will talk a bit about the film itself, the production values are all very good, from the lighting to the cinematography it's all top-notch here. The use of the cabin and the woods around it are a perfect setting for what is about to happen and they really help in setting the right atmosphere and mood. As far as the acting goes the entire cast did a terrific job playing their roles, there wasn't a weak link to be found.

You might call the film "The Big Chill meets Signs," you would be correct on the first half but even though "Grey Skies" deals with an invasion it does it in a much better way. Director, Kai Blackwood does a great job in creating tension, suspense and plenty of frightening moments in the second half of the film, this is a very impressive directorial debut and I look forward to seeing what Kai has coming out next. Plus he adds a small dose of humor and drama and blends them in perfectly. "Grey Skies" breaths fresh air into the Alien invasion genre by making a film that is truly edge of your seat scary. This is everything that "Signs" should of been and more. A winner for Best Feature Film at the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival and winner of the Audience Choice Award at Shriekfest and for good reason, "Grey Skies" is a frightening, pulse-pounding Sci-fi that will leave you breathless. I highly recommend picking this up when it comes to DVD on 10/11/11.

Posted: Sep 19, 2011

Most outbreak films focus the aftereffects and never the cause. The onscreen last vestiges of humanity have too much on their plate in trying to stay upright and alive to worry about the humble beginnings of a crisis. Ashes, a new film from Elias Matar puts a very human face on the rage zombie subgenre. Inspired by the adage “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”, Ashes examines the beginnings of our downfall and ruin wrought by one single sick child.
Dr. Andrew Stanton (Charmed’s Brian Krause) sits on the verge of a medical breakthrough. He has developed a medication that may signal a cure for AIDS. The work takes an obvious toll on him as the struggles to balance work and home life and fight off the prying advances of government interference and politicking hospital administrators on the prowl for the next large grant with his work.
Trouble begins in the form of Jesus, a comatose young boy suffering from an undiagnosed who is left in front of the hospital. The consensus is death will come in a matter of days. Unable to come to grips with failure, Stanton injects the boy with his serum, hoping to buy the child time. His good intentions end with him getting a bite hard enough to break skin from the momentarily awakened boy. Unfortunately for the doctor, he brings his work home with him. As Stanton suffers from the bite’s infection, he learns startling news that it transmits easily through bodily fluids and takes hold of the host quicker with more dramatic effects each time it claims a new victim. By the closing moments not only has everything Stanton worked for been flushed away, but the city has erupted in chaos.
In a lesser film, Stanton would be the caricature of a mad doctor, imbued with a God complex and paranoia that bring about his eventual downfall. In the case of Ashes, Matar’s script and Krause’s dynamite performance imbue the doctor with decency. This is the case of a man wanting to do the right thing that allows his self confidence to bring about his downfall. The film takes great pains to show the doctor working himself to exhaustion at the expense of his own health and personal life. Even when he’s with his wife (the knockout Sierra Fisk) and daughter his attention keeps wandering back to the breakthrough he’s on the threshold of.
Matar uses a lot of handheld camera work to follow the doctor’s movements. This lends the film a documentary feel as it provides “a day in the life” look into the work at the hospital. Pre-bite the camerawork is steady and assured, paralleling the state of mind of the self confident Stanton.  As Stanton breaks down the hand held camera grows more frantic, zooming in and out, losing focus and getting a case of the jitters. It’s a nice added touch in demonstrating the character’s deteriorating state.
Of course, all the camera tricks in the world wouldn’t matter if the characters on screen were stiff and uninteresting. Luckily, Krause is dynamite as both the calm and collected doctor and the swiftly unraveling diseased shell of a man. As the film hurtles towards inevitable doom, Krause’s performance intensifies. It’s a performance reminiscent of Ray Liotta in Goodfellas’ third act. Not only is the man physically falling apart (one could get mighty blasted if you had to take a drink every time a character tells Krause he looks like warmed over shit) but his intellect betrays him as well.  The performances across the board are solid. Longtime character actor S.A. Griffin has small but critical role as a mentor that spouts philosophical nonsense rather than get his hands dirty in the field. Kadeen Hardison delivers some comic relief and exposition as a put upon lab tech and Kym Jackson is good as an RN that tries to keep the doctor from exhausting himself.
As stated in the opening paragraph, ASHES deals with the events leading up to the viral outbreak. Horror fans used to ninety minutes of bloodshed need to exert patience. Matar wants to explore the desperate and futile attempt to stem disaster. By investing the time in characters, the emotional catastrophic events of the third act hold more weight. A scene where Stanton’s daughter barricades herself in the bathroom and makes an emergency call in mortal terror is soon followed by the glassy eyed mother   stumbling into the kitchen covered in gore.
Though not at the forefront of the film, Matar provides understated commentary on the commercial aspects of the heath care system.  Richard Grant (the Don King stand in of Rocky V) is a hospital director far more concerned with pulling in grant money than curing patients. There are questions as to whether the government agency looking to purchase Stanton’s work even wants to pursue it further, or whether it is using disease as a weapon to weed out undesirables.
Currently Ashes is playing the festival circuit as well as special screenings. I’d be stunned if it isn’t picked up for commercial release, even if it’s video on demand followed by DVD. Every now and again a smart, engaging film comes our way that washes the foul taste of unoriginal, poorly crafted screeners, and Ashes is that film. The film won best picture honors at the 2010 Shriekfest and is up for the same at this year's Chicago Film Fest. Keep this one on your radar.

Posted: Sep 6, 2011

Weakness follows the life of high school teacher Joshua Polansky (Bobby Cannavale), whose world is crumbling around him: his wife, Elizabeth (June Diane Raphael), wants to start swinging; his mother, Lenore (Phyllis Somerville), thinks she has terminal cancer; and his autistic brother, Pete (Keith Nobbs), who resides at an assisted living home, only connects outside of himself through baseball, games or an occasional burst of anger. At school, things get complicated as a love triangle of sorts develops between Joshua and his teaching colleagues, the wise-cracking Bart (Josh Charles), and idealist Katharine (Lily Rabe), who only has eyes for the married Joshua. When Elizabeth leaves him, Joshua retreats from his adult life and responsibilities and begins dating Danielle, (Danielle Panabaker), a former student who has postponed attending college. Joshua’s subsequent regression and indecision fail to mask his anger and hurt, leading to a series of events that force him to reconsider not only his decisions, but the subtle and profound ways that people affect one another.

You might think Joshua has a good life, he has a teaching job he seems to love and a beautiful wife waiting for him at home but as we quickly find out his life is about to be turned upside down. It's starts off with his mom being diagnosed with cancer, then he fails miserably at a swingers night at his house. It seems his wife has become bored with the marriage and is looking to spice things up but we later learn a bit more about her inabilities to keep her marriage vows. As if these weren't enough to deal with Joshua must now take on the responsibility of taking care of his autistic brother, Pete. All these things lead to a melt down of sorts once his wife leaves him he begins to have an affair with an ex-student of his plus a little love triangle develops between him and two other teachers at his school but it ultimately doesn't lead to anything.

A story about a man whose confusion and frustrations lead to some bad choices as he attempts to some how make sense of everything that has happened to him so he just seems to be ignoring the problems at hand in hopes that things will get better on their own.

"Weakness" is a drama at heart with some life lessons included but it also has some lighter, more comedic moments in it as well. As a drama it's a very effective film that might hit home for a lot of people out there who might be having similar problems in their lives, it's characters and situations are very real and it's those situations that create the bond the audience has with Joshua, he's easy to feel for and a likable guy despite his downfalls. The humor in the film helps in lightening the mood and it keeps the film from being a total downer, it also provides some very funny moments at times.

Posted: Aug 23, 2011

The cure is worse than the disease. An earnest young doctor working on a cure for AIDS unwittingly invents an aggressive new bacteria that deteriorates the body and induces a thirst for blood. Now he must stop the infection before it turns him and everyone he loves into the walking dead.

As the film opens we see a little boy playing around on a beach and when he gets too close to a jellyfish it stinks him, the problem is it has a rare strand and the boy becomes deathly sick. The boy soon after that shows up at a local hospital and passes out on the floor. It's that event that will play a major part in where "Ashes" ends up a bit later in the film. The story centers around Andrew, an obsessive doctor who is working on a Aids vaccine that just might win him the Nobel Peace Prize if it proves successful. The drug is so far untested on humans but it is showing progress in lab tests. Andrew also is a family man with a wife and a daughter at home but he is so obsessed with his work he rarely ever makes it home before his wife and child are in bed and when he is home all he can think about is the hospital, so much that he can't even sleep at night. Now back to the boy, when he enters the hospital Andrew happens to be on duty and he is the one that picks the boy up off the floor. After running a few tests they find out the boy's immune system is very low but without the boy's parents around there isn't a lot they can do for him. When the boy wakes up Andrew finds out his name is Jesus, with his hands tied Andrew decides to secretly use his untested Aids drug to booster the boys immune system but right after giving the shot the boy goes into shock and lashes out and bites Andrew in the arm. It doesn't take long for Andrew to start feeling the effects and getting sick, dealing with his new sickness, marriage life that is strained from his over-working and pressure from the higher ups to get his vaccine done Andrew begins to lose control. Soon after others begin getting sick and Andrew must race against time to come up with a cure before a pandemic breaks out.

I have said enough about the film itself so I will stop there so not to ruin the story for those wanting to see the film. "Ashes" starts off as a drama, it takes it's time setting up both the story and the characters giving us just the right amount of background to move forward with. You can call the film slow if you wish but believe me when I say it is deliberate and even at it's slow pace the film is never boring and always interesting. As the story moves along the suspense slowly sneaks up on you and before you know it the film turns into a zombie-like horror flick which by that time you have reached the edge of your seat.

I would hate to think the film's slow pace early on would cause people to lose interest but I suppose some will get bored by it before the exciting parts kick in but that would be a shame because the story and the way it is told is what makes "Ashes" stand out from other similar films like it. A well-crafted, cleverly-written, thought-provoking and frightening horror film that is original and refreshing. The cast is another reason the film works so well, Brian Krause is fantastic as the obsessed yet charismatic doctor and Kadeem Hardison has never been better as the lab tech. The rest of the supporting cast all do a terrific job as well including Richard and Barbara Nedeljakova.

This is Elias Matar's first time directing a feature film and I have to say he has a great eye not only for horror but for dramatic story-telling as well. I really look forward to seeing more from this talented man soon. The film is still in negotiations for distribution but it is doing the Festival run now and has already won several awards including BEST SCREENPLAY at the INTERNATIONAL HORROR & SCI-FI Film Festival. After I seen the trailer and noticed the film was gaining a good buzz about it I was looking forward to what looked like a good horror flick but what I got was so much more. Intelligent horror doesn't come around often so I was more than pleasantly surprised and by the time the credits began to roll I was left with a feeling of satisfaction I haven't felt in a long time when watching a horror flick. You can follow "Ashes" progress over at it's Facebook page HERE. If there are any screening of the film in your area I highly recommend going to see it, for once a horror film that doesn't insult your intelligence, hats off to everyone involved in making the film and I certainly look forward to seeing what they all have coming for us next.

The Eves
Posted: Aug 23, 2011

PIX11 Talks With Christian Sosa, Producer Of "The Eves"


By Alyssa Zauderer


Are you ready to be delivered? This is the question posed by the "spring break gone wrong" film "The Eves." Featured in the Manhattan Film Festival, the slasher film features a group of college students slowly disappearing one by one in Southern Texas. The ones capturing them might be closer than the students realize. PIX11 sat down with producer Christian Sosa to discuss the film that recently gained national and international distribution.

PIX11: "So this was filmed in Texas?"

Christian Sosa: "It was in South Texas, in Goliad, Weesatche, Cheapside, small towns."

PIX11: "Tell me a little bit about the film."

Sosa: "It's basically a bunch of college students heading down for spring break and they get caught in South Texas. Their car breaks down and they find themselves at this ranch house that looks abandoned. As time progresses and they start exploring and showing up dead. There's people after them that they don't know about. Soon they find out that the people after them might be closer than they know."

PIX11: "Was it hard to not be spooked while filming?"

Sosa: "The actors did pretty well with it. We shot most of the film at night and being out there, you'd be hearing coyotes, hear the wildlife. We did have a 55-person crew so as long as you stayed by someone you wouldn't really feel that scared, especially when you've got big lights and cameras around you."

PIX11: "How about these college kids, what's their story?"

Sosa: "You know they're from the city, college area. One of the characters is a frat guy and he's never been in that part of Texas, so he's just like 'hey y'all' and that's why he's got the video camera to try and document the trip. Then you have some of the boys that maybe know the area. Then there are the girls who are not from there."

PIX11: "There are a lot of movies out there that follow the similar theme of 'spring break gone wrong,' what sets 'The Eves' apart?"

Sosa: "Well they never make it to spring break. Most of those films they do hit the beach and then something crazy happens. This is a little different because most of those types of films have a masked villain, or like in 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' where you've got this big, gross guy chasing you. Here it's more of a mystery as you get into the film as far as who's doing the killings, who's eye-gauging and hanging people up, where is this coming from? It kind of just throws you around. We tried to keep it disguised and make people figure out who's doing all this."

PIX11: "You recently had something big happen for the film."

Sosa: "You can now start pre-ordering our DVD.Over the last few weeks, we've learned that out distributor, Osiris Entertainment, has contracts with Walmart in Canada, the Chiller Channel on satellite, Netflix. It will be hitting the market and what we're doing is hitting all levels and saturating the market. We're getting people pumped about it."

PIX11: "Was this something that you expected when you started making this film, that it would be distributed in Canada and other places?"

Sosa: "When we first initially started this, our hopes were that we could do a good enough job to make a movie that was entertaining enough to hit distribution. How big we didn't know. After talking with Osiris back in March, we were very confident that they could definitely hit the levels of market to get this film out."

The film, inspired by true events, can be purchased online. The film's website also contains a trailer, information about the cast and photos from the set.

Circus Maximus
Posted: Aug 17, 2011

Osiris Entertainment Sets DVD and Blu-ray Release Date for Circus Maximus



Film Features Side-Splitting Antics from Top Cast Including The Sopranos’ Joe Cannascoli and Sex and the City’s Mario Cantone

For Immediate Release:


HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA  (August 8, 2011)  - Independent film and DVD distributor, Osiris Entertainment has set  a release date of September 13 for  Circus Maximus, an uproarious comedy following the wild predicament of an acclaimed filmmaker, it was announced today by Doug Dohmen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Osiris.


In Circus Maximus, acclaimed filmmaker Cal Neros is given a one million-dollar advance to write a screenplay.  After neglecting this ominous deadline, Cal is forced to deliver his work within one week or return the advance.  Instead, Cal loses every dollar after investing in a chain of tanning salons!  Circus Maximus stars Joe Gannascoli (TV’s “The Sopranos”) and Mario Cantone (TV’s “Sex and the City”). Circus Maximuswill feature an SRP of $24.98 for DVD and $29.98 for Blu-ray.


Screeners of Circus Maximus are available upon request


About Osiris Entertainment:


Based in Chatsworth, California, Osiris Entertainment was created in 2008 by Evan Crooke, a noted filmmaker with a mission to provide a distribution company that meets the business and creative requirements of the independent film and music community and serves the global broadcast and DVD marketplace with the highest quality film entertainment in all popular genres. 




CONTACT:           VP of Sales & Marketing

                               Doug Dohem


                                (818) 576-1030 x102

Posted: Aug 17, 2011

Osiris Entertainment Sets DVD Release Date of September 6 for Weakness


Highly Anticipated Film Stars Win Win’sBobby Cannavale and The Crazies Danielle Panabaker as Two Unlikely Lovers


For Immediate Release:


HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA  (August 8, 2011)  - Independent film and DVD distributor, Osiris Entertainment, has set a street date of September 6 for Weakness, a film detailing the harrowing personal drama of a high school teacher, it was announced today by Doug Dohmen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Osiris.


Weaknessfollows the precarious life of high school teacher Joshua Polansky, Bobby Cannavale (Win Win), whose world is crumbling around him: his wife Elizabeth, June Diane Raphael (Going the Distance) wants to start swinging; his mother thinks she has terminal cancer; and his autistic brother Pete, Keith Nobbs(TV’s “The Pacific”) who presents his own unique challenges.


When Elizabeth leaves him, Joshua retreats from his adult life and begins dating Danielle, Danielle Panabaker (The Crazies), a former student who has postponed attending college.  Weakness is a powerful story of the subtle and profound ways that people affect one another.


Weakness also featuresLily Rabe (All Good Things) and JoshCharles (TV’s “The Good Wife”). Weaknesswill feature an SRP of $24.98.


Screeners of Weakness are available upon request


About Osiris Entertainment:


Based in Chatsworth, California, Osiris Entertainment was created in 2008 by Evan Crooke, a noted filmmaker with a mission to provide a distribution company that meets the business and creative requirements of the independent film and music community and serves the global broadcast and DVD marketplace with the highest quality film entertainment in all popular genres. 





CONTACT:           VP of Sales & Marketing

                                Doug Dohem


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Everyone Loves Mel
Posted: Aug 17, 2011

Set in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, the legend of Swanson Lake is kept by one man, Bill (Ernest Borgnine). And he’s not about to surrender it! When Bill’s grandsons come for a summer visit, they stumble into a big-time adventure with a giant turtle named Mel. When Bill’s neighbor Bailer (Jack Scalia) tries to kidnap Mel in order to feature him in a proposed theme park, the grandsons plot to hide Mel from the neighbor. Then the fun begins, and Mel becomes an unlikely hero!

It's very hard to believe this film was originally release back in 1998, but thanks to Osiris Entertainment you will be able to own it when it comes to DVD ON August 16th. Nowadays it is hard to find movies the whole family can enjoy together so when one comes along like "Everyone Loves Mel" it's a bit special. Sure the effects a weak but that seems to just add to the humor and charm of the movie. I am not saying this is in the same class but the film will charm your kids like "E.T." charmed us all when we were younger. The cast is terrific and includes the legend himself, Ernest Borgnine, Julie Hagerty from "Airplane" fame, Jack Scalia who is very good as the film's villain, Bug Hall, Josh Paddock, Vanessa Lee Evigan and Greg Evigan. Now if that isn't a cast to die for there isn't one. Besides the weak effects the production values are very good, The scenery is breath-taking and the characters were well developed. The story was also unique as well and the film teaches the young ones a very big lesson as well. The film is aimed more towards grade school kids but there's plenty of adventure and comedy here for parents as well who are just looking to have some family time together.

"Everyone Loves Mel" took me back to when they made wholesome family entertainment, before all the CGI and teen horror and comedies took over. I certainly enjoyed this and highly recommend to all families. "Everyone Loves Mel" is a cute, adventurous comedy and a real family gem. The DVD doesn't offer any bonus features but the film itself is worth adding to your collection. You can find the DVD by visiting Osiris Entertainment's web site HERE.

Cayman Went
Posted: Aug 17, 2011

Osiris Entertainment Unveils Slate of Acclaimed Feature Films At MIPCOM


Osiris Entertainment Film Offerings Covers The Gamut From Horror To Family


For Immediate Release:


LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (Date)  -  Los Angeles-basedindependent film distribution company Osiris Entertainment will introduce a slate of four new-to-the-market feature films for the global broadcast and DVD markets at MIPCOM 2011, it was announced by company CEO Evan Crooke.  Osiris Entertainment’s MIPCOM 2011 film slate encompasses titles ranging from horror to romance, including:


Cayman Went– The story of TV personality Josh Anders (Michael Lombardi, FX’s Rescue Me), who is a legend in his own mind … and even he has doubts. Ratings are down and the hottie star of Diver Down (a male Baywatch) can’t get arrested in Hollywoodthese days. When the smug pretty boy receives an ultimatum from an ultra-wealthy, powerful and unethical resort developer – who also happens to own the network that broadcasts his show – Josh finds himself the key player in a land grab scheme targeting the picturesque, unspoiled and tiny Caribbeanislandof Cayman Brac.  The laid-back locals, most of them big fans, are putty in his hands, except for the eccentric Mr. Bowman (Jeffrey Demunn, Burn After Reading, Hollywoodland, CBS’s Law & Order, The Shawshank Redemption), a cranky retiree who’s never even heard of the show.  Secretly petrified of the ocean, Josh just wants to close the deal and go home. That is until Mr. Bowman, a parentless kid named Rodney and Darby Thomas (Susan Misner, Chicago, Eavesdrop), the beautiful but opinionated owner of the local Sand Bar, change his mind about what really matters most.


About Osiris Entertainment:


Based in Chatsworth, California, Osiris Entertainment was created in 2008 by Evan Crooke, a noted filmmaker with a mission to provide a distribution company that meets the business and creative requirements of the independent film and music community and serves the global broadcast and DVD marketplace with the highest quality film entertainment in all popular genres. 



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                                Doug Dohem


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Clear Lake
Posted: Aug 17, 2011

Osiris Entertainment Unveils Slate of Acclaimed Feature Films At MIPCOM


Osiris Entertainment Film Offerings Covers The Gamut From Horror To Family


For Immediate Release:


LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (Date)  -  Los Angeles-basedindependent film distribution company Osiris Entertainment will introduce a slate of four new-to-the-market feature films for the global broadcast and DVD markets at MIPCOM 2011, it was announced by company CEO Evan Crooke.  Osiris Entertainment’s MIPCOM 2011 film slate encompasses titles ranging from horror to romance, including:

ClearLake – Featuring acclaimed actor Michael Madsen as a wayward and highly suspect priest. In 1994, residents of the small town of Clear Lake, WI fell victim to a strange and horrible disease. As fears spread through the town, an influential local preacher (Michael Madsen, Resevoir Dogs, Kill Bill Vol. 1, Kill Bill Vol. 2) called the outbreak a supernatural punishment for the sins of the people and recruited a small group of high school students to help him kidnap the worst of the sinners...people who the preacher called sinners.  By the time the government health officials arrived to find the cause of the outbreak, thirteen people had gone missing and most of the townspeople had fled. The government evacuated the remaining citizens and permanently quarantined the town.  Fifteen years later, a documentary filmmaker tracks down the four surviving students and convinces them to return to Clear Lake to tell their side of the story. Upon returning to the empty town, strange things begin to happen.


Osiris Entertainment serves the global broadcast and DVD marketplace as the only worldwide distribution company helmed by a filmmaker.  “As a filmmaker, I understand the very specific business needs of the independent filmmaking community as well as the appetite for quality film entertainment across the broadcast and DVD markets’” said Crooke.  “MIPCOM 2011 is an important market for our company and we look forward to presenting our titles to broadcast programmers and DVD buyers across the world.”


About Osiris Entertainment:


Based in Chatsworth, California, Osiris Entertainment was created in 2008 by Evan Crooke, a noted filmmaker with a mission to provide a distribution company that meets the business and creative requirements of the independent film and music community and serves the global broadcast and DVD marketplace with the highest quality film entertainment in all popular genres. 



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CONTACT:          VP of Sales & Marketing

                                Doug Dohem


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The Fall
Posted: Aug 17, 2011

Osiris Entertainment Unveils Slate of Acclaimed Feature Films At MIPCOM


Osiris Entertainment Film Offerings Covers The Gamut From Horror To Family


For Immediate Release:


LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (Date)  -  Los Angeles-basedindependent film distribution company Osiris Entertainment will introduce a slate of four new-to-the-market feature films for the global broadcast and DVD markets at MIPCOM 2011, it was announced by company CEO Evan Crooke.  Osiris Entertainment’s MIPCOM 2011 film slate encompasses titles ranging from horror to romance, including:


The Fall – A drama mystery following Tony (Benny Ciaramello, ), who skates through life as an aimless, black sheep under-achiever.  He is the total opposite of his D.A. older brother Frank (Scott Kinworthy), who is carefully crafting a flashy campaign to become the youngest governor in history.  Then, one fateful night and with one wrong turn, Tony is arrested for the murder of a priest, a crime that seems totally unthinkable.  Big brother Frank comes to his rescue, but Tony refuses to reveal his alibi for where he was at the time of the murder.  Looming is a grueling trial overseen by  legendary Judge Stanley Seeban (William Devane,Hollow Man, Space Cowboys, Payback) who also happens to be blind.  Frank is shocked when he discovers where Tony was and with whom, but now has the crucial alibi and evidence needed to set Tony free.  But when this revealing and tawdry evidence threatens to end Frank’s career and dredge up a very incriminating incident in their past, will Frank go public or let Tony take the fall?

About Osiris Entertainment:


Based in Chatsworth, California, Osiris Entertainment was created in 2008 by Evan Crooke, a noted filmmaker with a mission to provide a distribution company that meets the business and creative requirements of the independent film and music community and serves the global broadcast and DVD marketplace with the highest quality film entertainment in all popular genres. 



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Posted: Aug 17, 2011

Osiris Entertainment Unveils Slate of Acclaimed Feature Films At MIPCOM

Osiris Entertainment Film Offerings Covers The Gamut From Horror To Family

For Immediate Release:

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (Date)  -  Los Angeles-basedindependent film distribution company Osiris Entertainment will introduce a slate of four new-to-the-market feature films for the global broadcast and DVD markets at MIPCOM 2011, it was announced by company CEO Evan Crooke.  Osiris Entertainment’s MIPCOM 2011 film slate encompasses titles ranging from horror to romance, including:

Bunnyman – A harrowing story of a group of friends on their way back from a spontaneous weekend trip to Las Vegas.  While driving through the remote regions of Southern California, they suddenly find themselves in a sickening game of cat and mouse with a five-ton dump truck. When looking for help, they stumble upon a nightmarish family who takes pleasure in dismembering and eating as many of the kids as possible. The bizarre killer, once severely abused as a child, is now an adult with manifestations of intense rage and child-like taunting behavior. He dresses in a bunny suit as something of a security blanket for his fragile and dangerous psyche.

Osiris Entertainment serves the global broadcast and DVD marketplace as the only worldwide distribution company helmed by a filmmaker.  “As a filmmaker, I understand the very specific business needs of the independent filmmaking community as well as the appetite for quality film entertainment across the broadcast and DVD markets’” said Crooke.  “MIPCOM 2011 is an important market for our company and we look forward to presenting our titles to broadcast programmers and DVD buyers across the world.”

About Osiris Entertainment:

Based in Chatsworth, California, Osiris Entertainment was created in 2008 by Evan Crooke, a noted filmmaker with a mission to provide a distribution company that meets the business and creative requirements of the independent film and music community and serves the global broadcast and DVD marketplace with the highest quality film entertainment in all popular genres. 

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The Eves
Posted: Jul 8, 2011

A group of students are en route to the beach for spring break when their car overheats near a crumbling hunting lodge, leaving them alone and defenseless while an unseen force attacks them from all sides.

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From the outside "The Eves" might seem like just another slasher film but you quickly find out it is much more than that. The story is about a group of friends who are heading to the beach for a good time when their car suddenly breaks down, lost and with no cell phone reception it seems as though they are stuck in the middle of nowhere but help arrives in the form of two cops. The cops tells them to drive a bit and they will come upon a hunting lodge where they can get help but after they arrive it seems like it's been abandoned but it doesn't take them long to realize they are not alone. To be honest the less you know about the story the better off you are going to be because if you read too much into it you may end up ruinging the film for yourself. "The Eves" is slow moving at first as it sets up the story and introduces us to it's characters. It is the character development that separates it from other films in the genre. By doing so it gives the audience some invested interest in these people later on in the film. More a thriller than a horror film but even with it's slow pace early on it's never boring and it moves along well, after a few members disappear from the group you begin to question who it might be doing all this, one character you might think is behind it all is John, he is a quiet and shy guy who the others think is gay and after being told what they were saying about him he storms off, but any suspicions you might of had are gone a little bit later. The great thing about the film is it keeps you in a total mystery as you wait to find out who it is that is doing the killing.

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Director, Tyler Glodt does a great job at hiding the killer(s) while still creating great suspense and tension. Around an hour into the film the pieces of the puzzle slowly begin to fall together and its also where most of the film's action is. There isn't a lot of blood in the film but there really doesn't have to be since it relies more on it's characters and it's mystery, the film also creates some great tension and suspense. The cast did a terrific job playing their characters, there was no one that stood out to me, instead it was a solid job of acting by the entire ensemble. "The Eves" is an original and clever thriller that grabs your attention early and it never lets you go till the shocking end. I had a great time watching this and recommend it to all fan's of the genre, a potent thriller that will have you at the edge of your seat, it delivers on every level.


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Posted: Jun 3, 2011

Osiris Entertainment FILM HEADLINES




LISTEN TO YOUR HEARTto premiere on Lifetime Television


CHATSWORTH, CA (February 28, 2011) Osiris Entertainment's highly acclaimed romantic drama Listen to Your Heart, will premiere on Lifetime Television on April 24 at 8:00 p.m.  Starring Cybill Shepherd, Listen to Your Heart is the story of love at first sight when hearing impaired teenager meets an aspiring pianist.  Listen to Your Heart gathered top honors as Winner of People's Choice Award at the New York City International Film Festival.


Osiris Entertainment Debuts Bedrooms on DVD


Osiris Entertainment will release Bedrooms, an evocative drama about the walls that separate people, the heartbreak and infidelity that are often the result and the redemption that is possible when we choose to speak the truth and tear those walls down, on DVD March 22.


A unique collaboration among a creative group of independent filmmakers, Bedrooms is told in four distinct stories set in four bedrooms.


In one story, Moon Bloodgood (Terminator Salvation) and Jordan Belfi (Surrogates, TV's"Entourage") play a husband and wife at the critical turning point of their young relationship.  In another, Julie Benz (Saw V, TV's"Dexter") and Xander Berkeley (Terminator 2: Judgement Day) are a husband and wife desperately trying to recover from infidelity, while Jesse Garcia plays a pizza delivery boy who unwittingly becomes the catalyst for the ultimate resolution of their marital conflict.


In the third story, Dee Wallace (E.T. The Extra Terestrial) and Barry Bostwick (TV's"Cougar Town" &"Spin City") play a retired couple coming to the end of a long and unusual extra-marital affair.  And in the last story, Sarah Clarke (Twilight: Eclipse) plays a recently divorced mother of ten year old twins who decide to create their own separate spaces in the room they share by building a wall out of all their toys.


Bedroomswill feature incredible special features including:


  • "Space Between" Short
  • Audio Commentary
  • Viral Promos
  • Trailer


To order any DVD release from Osiris Entertainment, including Bedrooms, please contact:

Doug Dohmen

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Office Phone: 818.576.1030 x 102



Osiris Entertainment is a full-service world wide entertainment distribution company.  Osiris Entertainment brings you the best entertainment in the world, from DVD, TV, digital, mobile, and Video-on-Demand.

Posted: May 27, 2011

A botched car-jacking forces two white-collar criminals to take refuge in the home of the thugs that accosted them. Over the course of one explosive, unpredictable night, worlds collide, fortunes shift, lives are cast aside and the most unsuspecting of heroes walks away with a multimillion dollar score.

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Hilbert Hakim is no stranger to film making, he has been an assistant director on some very big Hollywood productions and he brings that experience with him as he directs his first film, Krews. The basic story is about these two guys that are in organized crime and one night they get their car jacked which leads to a series of events that spiral out of control. There's not a whole lot of action in the film but the plot has a great deal of thought and suspense built into it. This is one of those films that needs to be seen and not told about because the more you talk about it the more you are going to give away in regards to the plot but I can tell you this is a tense and smart film with an amazing surprise ending, it's a film that stays with even even after it's over. Basically the film is a Urban drama that plays out during the course of it's entire run time and during that time it slowly pulls the audience in and it always leaves you wanting more all the way till it's very satisfying finish. For an Independent film it is almost flawless technically, one of the first things I noticed about the film was just how good it was production wise. I can't talk about the film without mentioning that cast, each and everyone actor did a great job including, Brian Geraghty(The Hurt Locker, Jarhead) and Jonathan Cake(First Knight) who are both amazing as the film's two main leads. I also have to mention Faune A. Chambers who gives a great performance as the sister of one of the car jackers who gets drawn into the whole mess unwillingly when he brings the problem to her place.

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The film sends a profound message but as far as the entertainment value goes it delivers on every level. "Krews" is a solid effort by a filmmaker that knows how to tell a thought-provoking, intense story. I look forward to seeing what Director, Hakim comes up with next. The DVD comes out on May 10th but you can visit Osiris Entertainment to check when you can pre-order it HERE. "Krews" was an official selection at numerous film festivals which included a win for best Director at the Prescott Film Festival and for good reason. This is a film that serves as a good example of just how good Independent cinema can be, I highly recommend this to everyone because it is a smart and highly entertaining film.

Posted: May 27, 2011

Ari Larsen has resurfaced after a five year absence, still harboring the memories of a scarred childhood. Kidnapped at the age of eleven by her serial killer father, Professor David Larsen, and taken on a three week odyssey of murder and savagery, Ari was left abandoned in the desert. One horrifying fact remains; her father has never been captured. Now, the beautiful young woman with the haunted past has returned to the same house where her father brutally murdered her mother. Following an interview about her best-selling book, a new nightmare enters Ari’s world. After the interview airs on national TV, young women begin turning up dead in Ari’s home town. The killer’s style is eerily reminiscent of Ari’s father from years before. Is there a copycat on the loose? Has Professor Larsen returned to resume his reign of terror? Or is Ari really the lunatic that the interview has made her out to be?

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Ari has had a hard life there's no debating that, kidnapped by her father at 11-years-old and having to witness his three week long murder spree while holding a camera and the head of her dead mother in a jar is something no one could ever forget. After being away for five years she comes back home, to the same house her father brutally killed her mother. Ari gets the attention of a news station who wants to interview about her best-selling book but shortly after bodies begin showing up and the killings eerily resemble those of her fathers. When Ari starts having blackouts from her alcohol abuse, something she has done to escape her past, her old doctor wants to put her in the hospital for treatment but she doesn't trust his motives. Speaking of motives there seems to be several characters in the film with their own including her sister and uncle who is the local Sheriff, they not only have an evil plan but also a few secrets each is keeping, even from each other.

The film is a hard one to talk about because there are so many suspects, motives and twists and turns in the film that if I was to say too much it would only ruin the film for those wanting to see it. The suspects are many like I said, there's the sister and uncle who seem to be a very close family, there's Ari herself who after all went through a traumatic event as a kid and she has to still be affected by it and there's also a few other shaky characters who could be doing the killing as well. That's the great think about "Legacy", you are forced to keep guessing till the very end which says a lot about the film and Director, Stephen Savage who has created a tense and very suspense story that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

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The film is filled with mystery, suspense and it's also a bit seductive at times as well. I spoke about the twists in the film already but they are what makes the film so damn good. At almost two hours you never once get bored because there is always something happening and the final twist at the end of the film is fantastic, I never seen it coming. The production is impressive, I don't have the budget numbers on hand but I don't think it was very high but you could never tell by watching the movie. As far as the acting goes, well it was great, the entire cast did a terrific job but the highlight for me was Kyrie Maezumi who plays Ari. This woman is so beautiful and boy does she have some acting talent. I look forward to seeing her in many more films in the future. "Legacy" is a brilliant thriller that succeeds because it does so many things right, it has clever dialogue, a story that instantly draws you in and puts you at the edge of your seat and a cast to match it all. The film won The Best of Festival and Best Actress Awards at the "Idyllwild Film Festival" and for all the reasons I already mentioned above. If you like the genre then this is a film not to be missed when it comes to DVD on July 12th.

Posted: May 27, 2011

Opa! is a delightful, breezy little romantic comedy that doesn't offer any great shakes in terms of characters or plotting, but is surprisingly compelling from start to finish (thanks primarily to the engaging performances and breathtaking scenery). Matthew Modine plays Eric, an American archeologist who arrives in Greece intending to unearth a rare artifact that his father spent his entire career pursuing. Shortly after arriving, Eric finds himself falling for the beautiful owner of a local tavern named Katerina (Agni Scott) - although the budding romance is soon threatened by the revelation that said artifact just happens to be buried underneath Katerina's establishment (which would, of course, have to be demolished during the excavation). It's not at all difficult to figure out where all of this is going, and yet it's hard not to be drawn into the relatively simple storyline. Though Raman Singh and Christina Concetta's screenplay is peppered with various cliches of the genre - including the dreaded fake break-up and the last-minute race to reunite with a departing lover - the palpable chemistry between Modine and Scott successfully allows the viewer to overlook such things. It certainly doesn't hurt that the film transpires against the romantic backdrop of Greece, lending the proceedings the feel of an effective travelogue for the country.

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Posted: May 27, 2011

About an agoraphobic woman who's trapped inside her house and thinks her husband is conspiring with her psychiatrist to drive her insane.

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I don't normally review films this early unless I am not that busy but after I received this from Osiris Entertainment and read an article about the film that came with it I just had to sit down and watch it. Solitary is a Mystery/Thriller that was filmed on a shoe-string budget but the story behind the making of the film is what really caught my eye. I will be brief but I have to tell you first about Director, Greg Derochie and his struggle to get the film made. First off He wrote the script with Charles Scalfani via the internet, the two of them were never in the same room together while writing "Solitary" which in itself is pretty damn amazing. Derochie had a hard time getting any financial backing since those willing to put up the money also wanted their own directors handling the film so after turning down four production offers because he didn't want to lose control over the film he decided to just make the film on his own and use his own home as the setting of the film. Another problem that faced him was getting together a good cast and crew but after selling them on the strength of the script itself he got everyone to work for profit sharing and after seeing the film I can see why these talented people decided to make it. The film was shot in just 28 days only filming on weekends and was shot on digital so he could edit the film by himself. Talk about a labor of love, everyone involved had to believe in this filmmakers vision in order to make it work and I am sure it was not easy to get done by I can tell you it paid off big time. The story centers around Sara and her husband Mark, as the film opens they two are talking and Mark mentions about attempting to have a child which seems to upset Sara so you get the sense she might of had a miscarriage or something worse might of happened. Mark then decides to get ready for work and Sara decides to go for a jog but she doesn't get very far from the house before panic attacks begin to set in and she rushes back indoors. It seems Sara has Agoraphobia or the fear of going outdoors. After Mark leaves her sister visits, you sense some friction between the two of them but once Sara tells her how she is feeling her sister suggests a Doctor who works in the field so Sara agrees to see him. As the film moves along you get the sense that maybe everything is in Sara's head since things she says happened only days ago others say differently but then you get the feeling that maybe she isn't losing it and that those around her are really trying to drive her crazy. A blur between what is real and what might be in Sara's mind begins to make you think long and hard about what is going on here.

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Derochie said in the article one of his influences is Hitchcock and you can clearly that here but lets give him credit for creating his own brand of suspense. Nothing about the film looks cheaply made and the production values look loads higher than the budget would suggest. Derochie uses his home, camera work, lighting and the musical score to create a film filled with more mystery, suspense, claustrophobia and paranoia than any 10 Hollywood films like it could produce. The film has you on the edge of your seat early on and it doesn't let up till it's shocking and brilliant ending. Not only a perfect ending to the film but it also brings closure to Sara. I am not going to give details away about exactly what happens in the film because to be honest there is just too much going on and I would rather not ruin it here for those that are going to want to see the film when it comes to DVD on March 29th 2011. Director Derochie did a great job at using everything he had to make this film, the use of the long shots of Sara that close quickly on her and and the quick cutaways then back again are just a few examples of just how amazing this film was shot, creating the perfect atmosphere needed. From what I can tell this is Derochie's first feature film and I have to admit when I see a film as special as this one it makes me a little angry at Hollywood and their remakes and sequels. It is about time they open their eyes to great filmmakers like Greg and start making good movies again. Independent cinema is where it is at right now for original and clever story-telling and "Solitary" is one example of making a great film on very little money, as hard as the shoot had to of been I don't think they could of made a better movie with millions of dollars. I think the budget made the film that much better since they had to concentrate of story more than effects or other things that just get in the way of what the filmmaker is trying to say. Also I can't close out this review without mentioning the awesome cast of actors, everyone in the film is terrific but Amber Jaeger plays Sara perfectly, she makes her problems so real you believe that this woman truly has something wrong with her, brilliant acting and a beauty to boot. Believe me when I tell you "Solitary" is a must-see film and one that is going to gain a large audience once it is released next March. Write the date now and do not miss seeing this clever,original and heart pounding thriller, this is one film that would make Hitchcock proud.

A Lure: Teen Fight Club
Posted: May 27, 2011

When several high school girls vanish, undercover cop Maggie (Jessica Sonneborn) investigates by posing as a new transfer student. But when she becomes one of the latest victims, Maggie prays that her boyfriend (Michael McLafferty) can find her and the other abductees before it's too late. If help doesn't come fast, the foxy female captives will be forced to beat each other to death in a brutal no-holds-barred slugfest.

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A Lure is a thriller that takes place at a high school where several girls have gone missing from and up till now there are no leads for the Police to go on so Maggie, a woman police officer goes in undercover as a student to try and figure out who is kidnapping these girls and why but before you know it her and a few of the other girls are taken as well and you soon find out that the girls are being used in an illegal underground fight competition. As far as story goes there isn't much originality here but for what it is the film over-all does a pretty good job at entertaining. A little slow at the start as the the film sets up the story and introduces you to several of the characters that will be the main attraction as the film movies along. Once the girls get kidnapped the film kicks in as they must do their best to escape or face a life or death decision fighting in a sport where there are no rules. The fight scenes are well done and the film moves at a good pace bringing with it some nice suspense as well. No actor in the film really steals the spotlight here, the entire cast did a great job at playing their roles so I would say it is more an ensemble piece where everyone worked well together. If you like thrillers or films that have fighting in them then I you are sure to enjoy this one. The film has some interesting characters and enough high octane action to please any fan plus I was really impressed with the cast and look forward to see each of them in future films.

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Director, Bill McAdams Jr. did a great job considering this is his feature film debut behind the camera. He seems to have a good eye for action and he did a great job at telling the story while keeping the film lively and the tension high. I had a good time watching this and was entertained from the beginning all the way till the credits began to roll.

My Name is Jerry
Posted: May 27, 2011

When his daily door-to-door routine brings middle-aged book salesman Jerry Arthur face-to-face with a group of young punk rockers, he's confronted with the fact that his own life is still ripe with possibilities. But his budding friendship with the group's feisty leader also helps him feel more connected to his own estranged daughter, whom he hasn't seen in years.

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When I sat down to watch this I thought I was a going to see just another comedy like so many others out there but what I didn't expect to see was a story about a man that has reached a point in his life when he just needs a change, he is also regretting never seeing his estranged daughter. So sure the film has it's funny moments but it also a drama that deals with issues familiar to all of us and it does it in a realistic way. The film starts off like any other comedy in terms of story which provides some nice laughs but after Jerry meets Jordan his outlook on life begins to change and even though their age difference keeps them from becoming fully romantic their friendship becomes one that changes them both forever. There is so many good things about this film I don't even know where to start, the production values are top-notch, everything from the camera work to the lighting is excellent. The story is believable and the decisions made by the characters in the film are realistic which makes it easy for the audience to care for these lost souls and wish the best for them. The cast here is another reason the film is so good, Katlyn Carlson is terrific as Jerry's new friend and Allison Scagliotti is amazing as his daughter, she brings all the right emotions to her role. The two leading ladies are indeed terrific in the film but I felt it was Doug Jones, who plays Jerry that stole the show. Many might know him from "Pan's Labyrinth", "Hell Boy" and the most recent "Carnies". Doug is a terrific actor but he has never been better here, he handles the dramatic scenes between him and his daughter with ease and he also handles the more comedic scenes with both class and charm, this man can do it all, he is simply an amazing actor. Lets also give credit to Director, Morgan Mead , he does an amzing job at deliver not only a funny film but an emotional one as well.

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"My Name is Jerry" is a funny yet tender film about a father who is looking for something meaningful in his life and the most important thing is reconnecting with his daughter. Chalk full of emotions I just loved everything about this movie, the film will have you laughing, crying, feeling sad and in the end just plain smiling with hope of a bright future for these characters. There hasn't been a film like this in some time where I quickly became invested in the characters and cared for them this much. A film both men and women are sure to enjoy, I highly recommend picking this Indie gem up, you will be glad you did.

Posted: May 27, 2011

A a group of friends on their way back from a spontaneous weekend trip to Las Vegas, and while driving through the remote regions of southern California they suddenly find themselves in a sickening game of cat and mouse with a five ton dumptruck and, when looking for help, stumble upon a nightmarish family who takes pleasure in dismembering and eating as many of the kids as possible.

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"Bunnyman" might sound similar to other horror films such as "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and in a lot of ways it is but Writer/Director, Carl Lindbergh adds to the genre by introducing us to a new Icon of horror, Bunnyman, a psycho cannibalistic killer dressed in a bunny suit, abused when he was little he now uses the bunny suit to hide behind his shame. Going by the title you might think get the idea this a horror/comedy but it's not, the film is played out strictly as a horror film and a very effective one at that. The story is pretty basic, a group of friends are heading home from a road trip when suddenly a truck decides to play a game of cat and mouse with them, soon one member of group is killed and the others are forced to walk and try and find help. They first stumble upon a house but the man there is of no help so they move on, shortly after they meet up with a couple but they too seem strange and tell the group they will come back to pick them up but they have other deadly motives in mind. While walking through the woods they find Bunnyman who seems to be feasting on his latest victims and this is where the mayhem begins. There's plenty of killing and blood a long the way but the film doesn't reply on it alone, there's also plenty of tension and suspense to keep you at the edge of your seat and glued to the screen. The production and effects in the film are both pretty good for an Independent and the deserted locales add to the over-all atmosphere the film is attempting to create. As far as the cast goes they all do a pretty good job playing out their roles, the characters are not really developed but it isn't needed in the film since most don't last long enough to care about them anyway. If I had to choose an actor I thought was the highlight of the film I guess I would pick Cheryl Texiera who play's Rachel. She is not only beautiful but she brings all the emotions needed for the character as well.

"Bunnyman" doesn't break any new ground as far as the genre goes but from it's opening scene you know what you're in for and it wastes no time in getting to the action. Gore fans are going to enjoy this one, it brings everything that makes for an entertaining horror film to the table. Going by the ending here I would say there were plans to do a sequel but since the film is listed as being made in 2009 I am not sure if that is still the plan. Either way the film pays homage to some of the great films that came before it while introducing us to a cool new villain, Bunnyman hops onto the screen as the new horror icon. This is Director, Carl Lindbergh's third film and his best to date, he obviously has a good eye for the genre and I look forward to seeing what he comes up with next.

Who Loves the Sun
Posted: Jan 17, 2011

Gravitas Ventures

01112011_WhoLovestheSun.jpgGravitas continues to bring indie film to homes everywhere by the boatload - between January and March, they will release over 100 films on video on demand - and not surprisingly, they roared into the new year with the VOD premieres of the Charlie Murphy-Jayma Mays comedy "Bar Starz," the Lukas Haas-Adam Scott dramedy "Who Loves the Sun?", the Lyme disease doc "Under Our Skin," Coury Deeb's plea for peace "The New Sudan," and the stoner comedy "Bad Batch" about the aftermath of a tray full of pot brownies. This week, those titles will be joined by the crime thriller "At the Sinatra Club," based on the exploits of a young John Gotti (Danny Nucci), on January 11th.

February doesn't let up with the VOD debuts of the 2009 festival fave romantic comedy "16 to Life," the Rob Schneider comedy "Chosen One," the Barbara Hershey drama "Bird Can't Fly," the Serbian zombie flick "2012: Apocalypse of the Dead," the horrific circus chiller "House of Fears," the conspiracy thriller "Zenith" and the black metal doc "Until the Light Takes Us" on February 1st. From there, there's a little something for everyone with the inspirational breast cancer awareness doc "1 A Minute," the '09 Toronto Film Fest-selected coming-of-age tale "Down for Life" with Laz Alonzo and Danny Glover, and the wilderness thriller "Bear" on February 8th, followed by the teen drama "Sex and the U.S.A.," about two girls caught between their abstinence pledge and their burgeoning sexual urges, on February 22nd.

In March, we can heartily endorse the Fantastic Fest-selected Korean drug trafficking thriller "The Man From Nowhere," which will premiere on VOD along with the romantic comedy "Amanda," on March 8th, but that's getting ahead of ourselves. On March 1st, Gravitas will unveil a wave of nonfiction titles that include the basketball doc "Fathers of the Sport," Kate Davis' acclaimed gay flashpoint doc "Stonewall Uprising," the maternity ward exposé "Pregnant in America," and "A/K/A Tommy Chong" about the comedian's stint in prison for selling bongs. Those will be accompanied on the same day by the race-against-the-clock thriller "An American Wreck," the Alfred Molina drama "The Little Traitor," the Melissa Joan Hart-Robert Guillaume road movie "Satin," and the Mindy Cohn comedy "Violet Tendencies." Gravitas will round out the month with the dual release of the Canadian sci-fi actioners "2022: Recon" and "2023 Recon: The Gauda Prime Conspiracy" on March 15th, followed by Doug Pray's great doc on ad men "Art & Copy" on March 22nd and "Janis Joplin: The Final 24 Hours" on March 29th.

Posted: Jan 17, 2011


Sudden, gory death hides behind every bush. When beautiful Jennifer and her friends embark on a backpacking excursion deep into the woods, they come chest to chest with an evil as old as the trees. Listen...above the crackling of the that the sound of a twig snapping or your best girlfriend's neck? The interlopers discover that when the locals caution you not to trespass were warned.

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This is an account of the actual events that took place in Caveland Kentucky in the summer of 1991. On July 18, 1991 two vehicles set out for a five day excursion to Caveland Kentucky. The seven young occupants had filed with the Kentucky Forest Rangers for a wilderness permit to clime to the top of the Devils Bone Yard. Here is what is known to be fact: The seven were last seen the night of the 18th at a restaurant called Frank’s Mountain Hideaway - Bar and Grill, in the foothills near the entrance to Mammoth Cave National Park. A gas station attendant believes he may have saw them the morning of the 19th. The first one from the group discovered, it is believed that she stumbled out of the wood on July 22nd. By the time she was discovered she was already deceased on the side of the road. Police first became suspicious, believing her death was not accidental when an autopsy reveled the blood covering her belonged to two other people. After seven days several volunteer rescue searchers found their vehicles and tracks leading to an abandon cabin. Inside the cabin's basement they found remains of three of her camping partners.

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"Pelt" is Richard Swindell's feature film debut but he is no stranger to film making since he has been working in movies and television for 16 years. Like stated above the film is based on actual events that happened in 1991. The film opens in a bar where the seven friends are enjoying a night of partying before heading out on their trip which will include a 4 hour drive and then a long walk along a trail before they arrive at their destination. On their way they stop at a local gas station to get directions from the attendant who warns them to stay away because it is private property but they laugh it off and continue on their journey...big mistake. The film takes a little time setting up the story and introducing us to the characters but once the first victim is attacked by a crazed madman with an axe around the 28 minute mark the film becomes an adrenaline pumping fight for survival as the rest of the group try their best to avoid being next while attempting to find a way out of the woods. An 80's style horror film that benefits from a great cast, humor that is often hilarious and some frightening and suspenseful moments that has you at the edge of your seat. Filled with fast paced action and just the right amount of gore Director, Richard Swindell doesn't waste a frame, he keeps the film moving at a brisk pace.

The cast which includes, Justin Welborne (The Crazies), Ashley Watkins (TV's "Undercovers") to name only a few all do a terrific job playing their roles, the film is an ensemble piece and everyone worked great together. "Pelt" definitely has a lot going for it, it may not offer up anything really new but it's execution is flawless, I really liked the humor that was used especially early on when things were a little slow, it helped lighten the mood and it had me laughing out loud several times. The film also leaves you thinking about the events that took place here and it makes you wonder just how many of these lunatics are really out there waiting for innocent people to wander in to their territory. "Pelt" won the "AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD" at the Big Bear Horror Film Festival and for good reason, this is a fun horror flick that I recommend to all fans of the genre, be sure to pick it up when it comes to DVD on March, 8th.






CNN Interview with CEO of Osiris
Posted: Jan 1, 2011

Interview with Evan Crooke, Osiris Ent's CEO


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