"Mohave Phone Booth"

"Evan, thank you for being the only sales agent ever to provide a report on time!"

- John Putch, Director/Writer/Producer, Putch Films


"An American in China"

"There should be a special independent film award for Evan, Doug, Graeme and all of the people at Osiris Entertainment who have worked so hard to get our little movie out into the marketplace. The producer and I are amazed; Osiris has exceeded all of our expectations for the film. Our movie is being seen by countless people across the United States, video stores are enthusiastically recommending it, and retailers continue to place orders."

"In the current independent film market it's very easy to become just a number in a catalog of products, and it's extremely difficult to find a distributor who cares enough to spend the time and effort that a film requires to find it's audience. I'm very happy that Osiris believed in my film, and that they put the energy and resources behind it to make it a success."

- Ron Berrett, Writer/Director


 "The Lights"

 "When I found out that Osiris Entertainment had agreed to distribute our movie called 'The Lights,' I had no idea what to expect.  You hear so many horror stories about distributors and I already had a few of my own stories to share. But from the moment they first contacted me, they have been exceptional to work with. They do what they say they are going to do...when they say they will do it. They are real pros and I highly recommend any filmmaker to consider placing their baby with the wonderful team at Osiris."

- Bonnie Orr, Writer/Producer, Palm Tree Productions


 "Pretty Ugly People"

 "The advantage of partnering up with Osiris is that they are filmmakers themselves and were on the same page with my goals for my film."

- Brunson Green, Producer


 "Cayman Went"

 "All filmmakers feel vulnerable when a film goes into distribution because there is such a vast sea of product out there that any film can get lost. I think this is especially so for “true” independent producers who do not have the backing of a larger parent company or studio when it comes time to release their film. Despite this, Working Pictures is very confident our film 'Cayman Went' will be a success in the hands of the team at Osiris Entertainment.  We feel this way because Osiris has been intelligent in their marketing strategies, are very hungry for success and are objective on how to maximize the potential of 'Cayman Went' in an ever-changing distribution landscape."

- Bobby Sheehan, Producer/Director, Working Pictures 


 "Road of No Return"

 "First Picture LLC and Shoreline Entertainment chose Osiris Entertainment as the U.S. distributor for the 2009 feature film ‘Road of No Return’ starring David Carradine and Michael Madsen. This decision was largely based on their level of commitment to every film they distribute, their energy and passion for what they do, their professionalism and their honesty. They have done a wonderful job packaging ‘Road of No Return’ for distribution from creating powerful posters, one-sheets, and the DVD cover to assembling engaging behind-the-scenes footage and special features. Even though Osiris Entertainment is a relatively a new company, they have managed to go a long way in a short time. They respect and work closely with Producers and Directors to ensure that the products they put out are the best they can be. Being a smaller company is also a plus because every producer andevery film will get maximum attention from every member of the Osiris Entertainment team."

- Parviz Saghizadeh, Producer/Director 

"Leaving Barstow" 

"Working with Osiris Entertainment has been an incredible experience. As an independent filmmaker, I was amazed by how much effort and attention was placed on my film, 'Leaving Barstow’. We were a low budget film with no 'name' stars but have enjoyed a successful DVD release and a very exciting run on Showtime and TMC. I am well aware of how hard it is to get your independent film seen by a larger audience. Osiris Entertainment made that happen. I can't thank them enough."

- Kevin Sheridan, Writer/Producer








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