Osiris Entertainment Executive Summary

The Past:

Osiris was created circa 2008, when CEO, Evan Crooke, realized an inherent strength, cultivated from his experience directing and distributing THE KILLING JAR. He understood producers, directors, and filmmaking as a whole, therefore, he could be viewed as a friend to the independent producer, and could offer the best service possible to the “manufacturers”. Evan realized the necessity and benefit of acquiring the entire process of distributing the film rather than just the digital aspects. This enables Osiris to focus on the long-term goals of worldwide distribution.

Osiris Entertainment’s initial goal was to acquire quality, commercial, independent films at an affordable rate, and offer them to buyers domestically at better rates than its competitors, and utilize those films to gain more accounts and grow a pipeline in DVD. In the midst of this growth, Osiris purchased a sizeable library as an asset from Westlake Entertainment. Purchasing pieces of this library gave Osiris instant credibility and access to significant new accounts.

As the accounts continued to grow, the level of films that Osiris was able to acquire, continued to improve in the sense of production, star power, and diversity. Osiris' intent is to never be typecast or known for providing one particular genre of movies, rather offer multiple genres at an affordable price to the consumer, as Osiris recognizes that the film business has become a volume industry. After acquiring the library from Westlake, it became clear that the next objective was to focus on development of accounts in television, VOD, and digital, since the days of DVD were becoming increasingly challenging.

Within the first 18 months, Osiris, the company acquired over 250 films, and had built an account base in the hundreds, and soon  thousands, on a nation-wide level. Some of these accounts include, but are not limited to; Netflix, Ingram, Wal-Mart, Waxworks, Midwest Tapes, Starz, Showtime, Hulu, Gravitas, and Itunes.

The Present:

Osiris Entertainment has an arsenal of films that have proven to be very commercial, and a library of approximately 450 films. In addition, Osiris’ account base has doubled in the last few years. Osiris recognizes that the world is a global platform, and has successfully built a reputable international division within the company. Osiris sells films around the world and attends all the major market events, including Cannes, MipTv, MIPCOM, AFM, EFM, and NATPE. Osiris knows that international development is critical, and that the way the consumer buys and receives movies is now an instantaneous process that requires a global approach. This approach has allowed for a great deal of Osiris’ diversity, as well as its strength, economically.

The Future:

Osiris is positioned on three main objectives:

1). Build a theatrical division to support the framework of larger films with well-known cast, and bigger production value, capable of reaching more of the masses.

2). Build an independent arm of the company to facilitate digital and VOD and act as an aggregator for Osiris, as well as another economic vehicle to increase revenue by facilitating other distributors as well as producers.

3). Focus on a continuation of existing television relationships and an expansion of those relationships on a global level, as Osiris acquires larger films from the theatrical division.

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