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Pretty Dead

Genre: Drama/Thriller

Catalog: OSD1187

Run Time: 78 min.

Rating: Not Rated

Language: English

Origin: USA


Life is great... Regina Stevens just passed her residence exam and her boyfriend Ryan proposed.  Except for the medical impossiblity that she shouldn’t even be alive -- she has no pulse, no blood pressure and she hasn’t slept in two months. 

While attempting to unlock the mystery of what is keeping her alive, Regina, and a somewhat reluctant Ryan, discover a link between her conditions; a sudden ability to miraculously regenerate and new-found cravings for human flesh -- cravings that intensify until she finally feeds.

A botched suicide attempt lands her in the custody of the state and under the care of Dr. Daniel Romera, who explains her symptoms as Cotard’s Disease or “Walking Corpse Syndrome,” a delusional state in which the patient believes she is actually dead and will go to horrific lengths to prove it.

But is she really crazy, or is she something else?