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All God's Creatures

Genre: Thriller

Catalog: OSD1116

Run Time: 84 min.

Rating: Not Rated

Language: English

Origin: USA


Creature of habit, Jon Smith (Josh Folan - “All My Children”, Ay Lav Yu, The Graduates) spends his days mindlessly working as a barista in New York City. When night falls, this seeming everyman savagely kills “filthy women” as his social outlet. A chance encounter with Delia (Jessica Kaye - “One Life to Live”, Veronika Decides to Die) a young prostitute searching for an escape from her troubled past, forces Jon to confront the most terrifying thing he has ever faced in all his dark affairs - himself. All God’s Creatures examines the true nature of what it means to be a monster and reveals that love is not only for a chosen few, but for all God's creatures.

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