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The Killing Jar

Genre: Thriller

Catalog: WLV3735

Run Time: 90 min.

Rating: R

Language: English

Origin: USA


Forgotten nightmares and a horrifying murder in Michael Sanford’s (Brett Cullen) picturesque hometown, blur in this explosive suspense thriller. Fragments of Michael’s shattered memory rip apart his life as he tries to piece together the clues to a brutal murder he stands accused of. Meanwhile, the body count climbs and the question of his sanity clouds the evidence as the spine-tingling details are revealed in this edge-of-your seat shocker. An all-star cast including Tamlyn Tomita, Brion James and M. Emmet Walsh rounds out this
riveting thriller


Brett Cullen (”Ugly Betty”, “Lost”, The Replacements), Tamlyn Tomita (The Joy Luck Club,”24”) Wes Studi (The Doors, Dances With Wolves), Brion James (The Postman Always Rings Twice, Blade Runner), M. Emmet Walsh (Blade Runner, Serpico, Brubaker)

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