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One Kine Day

Genre: Drama/Teen

Catalog: OSD1114

Run Time: 100 min.

Rating: Not Rated

Language: English

Origin: USA


Over the mountains of Oahu and hidden from the beaches of Waikiki, a local skater named Ralsto discovers that his 15 year old girlfriend Alea is pregnant.  Scared of ending up like their parents, the young couple agrees “getting da kine” is the best plan.  As Alea leaves for school, Ralsto embarks on his journey to raise the funds for “da kine.”  Ralsto’s day goes from bad to worse when he is fired from his job at a skate shop.  Comforted by her best friend Leilani, a manipulative teenage mom, Alea tells Ralsto that it must be a sign to keep the baby.  Scared of becoming a father, Ralsto pleads for one more chance to raise the funds.  Desperate for money, Ralsto’s last chance lies in his best friend Nalu who takes him on a journey into the dark world of cockfights and drug deals that ultimately leave him penniless.  With no job and no money, Ralsto now must face Alea in this harrowing journey to a side of paradise you’ve never seen.

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