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Genre: Sci-Fi/Psychological Thriller

Catalog: OSD1055

Run Time: 91 min.

Rating: Not Rated

Language: English

Origin: USA


When Sara Ballard (Amber Jaeger)  becomes trapped inside her suburban home by the sudden onset of agoraphobia, her fear becomes a nightmare when her husband mysteriously disappears. With her sanity pushed to the breaking point, Sara’s only hope lies with her estranged sister, and an enigmatic psychiatrist, Dr. Reznik (Andrew Qamar). But can they be trusted? Sara’s journey through her darkest fears takes her from one unexpected revelation to another, and ultimately to a shocking conclusion beyond her imagination.

From director Greg Derochie (visual effects for Alice in Wonderland, Spider Man 1-3, Godzilla,
I am Legend) comes this psychological thriller where nothing is what it seems.


B. Anthony Cohen (Neither Day Nor Night),Kieron Elliott (TV's Numb3rs)

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